Inside My Vegan Business: Care Wears

Veganuary Catches Up With Kasia, the inspiring woman single-handedly running the ethical clothing company Care Wears

Care Wears Vegan Babe T-Shirt
Kasia created Care Wears to bring a splash of colour and fun into vegan clothing (Credit: Care Wears)

Describe your business in 280 characters (that’s a tweet!)

Care Wears is a fun and playful take on ethical vegan fashion. I focus on bringing colour and smiles into the lives of those who wear and see my clothing, whilst spreading the positive messages of a vegan lifestyle.

Describe what inspired you to create your business.

I created Care Wears, as I personally struggled to find the kind of vegan-themed t-shirts that I like to wear. Those who know me know that I like to dress in all shades of the rainbow, but what I mostly saw on the vegan clothing market was quite serious looking t-shirts inspired largely by the animal activist movement. I think these t-shirts are amazing, but it just wasn’t my style. I really wanted to show a different side to veganism, which is full of humour and positivity.

Were there any challenges you had to face and overcome when establishing yourself as a plant-based business?

Where do I even start! My biggest challenge, and one I’m most proud of overcoming, is that I started my business with no savings, or financial help from anyone. In the very beginning I invested the little money I had into learning how to screen print my own t-shirts and some basic printing equipment. From then on everything grew slowly, but steadily, and whenever I sold any t-shirts I’d invest that money right back into myself, by buying a few more to print on!

What is the most challenging aspect of running your vegan business?

It’s been a few years since I started my business, but I still do everything myself. Every last t-shirt is printed by me, every order is packed and posted by me! It can get very full on, as on top of running Care Wears as a clothing brand I also work with many other vegan businesses and print merchandise for them too! Sometimes it feels like I’m working 24/7 and I can easily push myself too hard, but I couldn’t be happier as I get to run my own vegan business for a living!

What was the most rewarding part about setting up/running your vegan business?

I feel that my biggest challenges are also what makes running Care Wears most rewarding. Doing everything myself means that I get to have direct contact with my customers and build personal relationships with them. Watching their faces light up when they see my designs is one of the best feelings ever!

Why do you think it is important for businesses of your kind /market to transition towards a plant-based operation?

Ethical and vegan fashion is the future. People are quickly waking up and moving towards lifestyles that are more sustainable. Nowadays you don’t have to be vegan to recognise that testing on animals or wearing fur is cruel. I feel the same goes for fast fashion, many people realise how extremely damaging it is to our planet, and those who work in that industry. We cannot afford to continue perpetuating the cycle of fast and unethical clothing production, human and animal lives are at stake.

Care Wears Pink Bag
Kasia sees veganism becoming an integral part of all future clothing businesses. (Credit: Care Wears)

Where / how do you see your vegan business evolving in the future?

My dream is to grow the range of products I offer and make Care Wears the go-to destination for colour-loving vegans looking for new clothing. It is also my aim to work with different kinds of materials that are as kind to the planet as possible, and move towards recycled fabrics to reduce my businesses’ impact on the environment as much as possible.

What’s your favourite aspect about your vegan business?

In all honesty, I just love designing and making clothing I’m excited about! I feel like I’m living my childhood dreams by being able to create what I wear. Getting to share that with people who are equally as excited about it must be my favourite thing!

 What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning, or working into the late hours, on your business?

My main motivation are always my customers. I can easily not stick to my own goals and promises, but I will always do my absolute best when there are people relying on me. I work most effectively under pressure, so keeping myself busy and fully booked is my favourite way to work.

 Give us a statistic about your business! 

When trading at vegan events an average of 80% of people react with “OMG that’s so cute!” (followed by a smile) when seeing Care Wears t-shirts.

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