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Inside My Vegan Business: Plant Base Berlin

Veganuary Meets The Team Behind Berlin’s Vegan Workshops

Image: Plant Base

Describe your business in 280 characters (that’s a tweet!)

Plant Base is a vegan pop-up school that hosts events around real-life veganism in theory and practice – from cooking classes to a vegan book club.

Describe what inspired you to create your business?

There was no job that would combine my passions – teaching, cooking and animal advocacy – and give me a sense of agency, so I created one for myself! I always felt I needed to spread the vegan message. Getting lots of positive feedback from people around me about my food and purpose, I realised that this is something I want and need to do.

Were there any challenges you had to face and overcome when establishing yourself as a plant-based business?

Luckily for me, not really. At least, not yet.

Plant Base Kimchi Workshop
Plant Base run a variety of workshops, including a Kimchi masterclass. (Image: PlantBase)

What is the most challenging aspect of running your vegan business?

I think the most challenging part would be attracting the non-vegan audience that usually believes that a vegan-marked products are only for vegans.

What was the most rewarding part about setting up/running your vegan business?

The best part about running a vegan business is definitely hearing how your product (in our case – the workshops) positively impact lives and food choices of our attendees. When we hear how our workshops have made going vegan easier for someone , those are the moments we take most pride in.

Why do you think it is important for businesses of your kind/market to transition towards a plant-based operation?

With people’s growing awareness, evidence as to how a non-vegan vs vegan diet impacts our planet, our health and animals, any business should adapt and transition towards more sustainable operations – not only to survive, but to prime themselves for future.

Where / how do you see your vegan business evolving in the future?

We’re actually already working on that… hopefully in the near future, we will have our own space where we will serve delicious food, teach cooking classes, host all of our events and give room to any initiatives aiming to promote animal & human liberation.

What’s your favourite aspect about your vegan business?

Being the change we want to see in the world – even at work.

Plant Base also run a variety of Berlin-based events such as a book club (Image: Plant Base)

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning, or working into the late hours on your business?

Thinking “You could have a job with no bigger purpose. You could be working for someone else’s goals that might not even resemble yours…You’re lucky you can do what you actually love. Now, off to work!”

Give us a statistic about your business!

Dumplings workshop & Kimchi workshop are the two most popular events we host…which equals over 1,200 dumplings & around 200 kimchi jars made within six months of our young business 🙂

You can connect with Plant Base via Facebook or Instagram.

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