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15 Instagram Accounts to Help You Through Veganuary and Beyond

Going vegan for January? Here are 15 of the best Instagram accounts to help you through Veganuary and beyond

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If you’re doing Veganuary and need some inspiration, there are plenty of informative, helpful and drool-inducing Instagram accounts out there (including our own, of course!). Whether you’re looking for meal ideas or support navigating the supermarkets, these Instagram accounts have your back.

1. Vegan Food UK – @vegan_food_uk

Nervous about what you’re going to eat throughout Veganuary? You needn’t be. Browse the Vegan Food UK page for product reviews, as well as vegan supermarket finds and new product launches. We promise you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Image Credit: Vegan Food UK via Instagram

2. Accidentally Vegan UK – @accidentallyveganuk

One of the most exciting things about trying vegan is finding out so many foods you already eat are vegan by accident. Accidentally Vegan UK help discover these gems and share them with the vegan community. With their help, you may never have to read a single food label!

Image Credit: Accidentally Vegan UK via Instagram

3. Tabitha Brown – @iamtabithabrown

Experimenting with new flavours and enjoying plant-powered food is what trying vegan is all about. Tabitha Brown, TikTok sensation and star of our new ad, shares fun, vegan-friendly recipes that would make anyone want to be vegan!

Image Credit: Tabitha Brown via Instagram

4. Nutrition Facts – @nutrition_facts_org

Being clued up on nutrition is important when switching to a vegan diet. Follow Dr Michael Greger for his expertise on nutrition, food facts and science-based studies.

Image Credit: Nutrition Facts Org via Instagram

5. BOSH – @bosh.tv

Follow Ian and Henry, also known as BOSH, and you’ll never be stuck for food ideas again. Their Instagram page features endless vegan cookery inspiration and easy recipes galore.

Image Credit: BOSH via Instagram

6. Vegan Singh – @vegansingh1

Trying vegan isn’t all about the food (although it’s a pretty big part). Compassion for animals remains one of the key reasons why people go vegan. Vegan Singh shares inspirational content, as well as information, news and support.

Image Credit: Vegan Singh via Instagram

7. The Plant Powered PT – @theplantpoweredpt

Into fitness? Adam Stansbury, aka The Plant Powered PT, has you covered. With fitness advice, recipes and workout motivation, he proves you can be strong and healthy on a vegan diet.

Image Credit: Plant Powered PT via Instagram

8. Turnip Vegan – @turnipvegan

Do you love comfort food? Turnip Vegan shares tons of video-based recipes spanning various delicious cuisines, as well as cooking and baking tips which are easy to follow at home.

Image Credit: Turnip Vegan via Instagram

9. Jessica in the Kitchen – @jessicainthekitchen

Looking for tasty vegan recipes which are also gluten-free? Feast your eyes on Jessica in the Kitchen’s amazing recipes.

Image Credit: Jessica in the Kitchen

10. Naturally Stefanie – @naturallystefanie

Want to stay fit and strong on a plant-powered diet? No problem. This is the perfect account for you fitness fanatics out there. Naturally Stefanie shares support with vegan fitness and plant-based cooking, as well as workouts.

Image Credit: Naturally Stefanie via Instagram

11. George Lee – @chez.jorge

Taiwanese vegan recipes? Yes, please! George Lee is a 19 year-old vegan chef and you’ll love his page not just for the food, but his charismatic and friendly personality.

Image Credit: George Lee via Instagram

12. Best Vegan Recipe – @best.vegan.recipe

We’re not all geniuses in the kitchen – and that’s fine! Best Vegan Recipe is a great page for simple, healthy vegan recipes complete with full shopping lists and instructions.

Image Credit: Best Vegan Recipe via Instagram

13. So Vegan – @sovegan

So Vegan is another helpful Instagram account to follow if you want to enjoy simple plant-based meals that don’t include tons of complicated steps and obscure ingredients.

Image Credit: So Vegan via Instagram

14. Vegaliciously Eva – @vegaliciouslyeva

Trying vegan for your health? Vegaliciously Eva shares easy and healthy vegan recipes, along with helpful nutrition information so you know exactly what’s going into your body.

Image Credit: Vegaliciously Eva via Instagram

15. TOFU QUEEN / HANNAH – @tofuqueen_

Following other vegans on Instagram is one of the best ways to learn what vegans actually eat. Follow Tofu Queen for day-to-day vegan meal inspiration and recipes.

Image Credit: Tofu Queen via Instagram

If you need even more support and inspiration to support you on your plant-powered journey, check out our guide to the best vegan cookbooks to get you through Veganuary and beyond.

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