Joey Carbstrong Denied Entry to the UK

Animal Activist Describes Being Imprisoned by UK Immigration

Australian animal activist, Joey Carbstrong, revealed to his supporters this morning how he was detained and deported by UK Immigration staff.

As they passed through customs, Joey and his partner Laura were separated by officials and he was then subjected to hours of questioning on the nature of his trip and his previous visits to the UK. As Joey states:

They kept me in this holding cell type thing where I slept on the floor. They kept me there until the next day.

Officials claim because of Joey’s activism in the UK, he could have been benefiting from it financially, therefore that could be akin to making money in the UK. Joey responded by saying: ‘[This] couldn’t be more ridiculous. All my school talks and speeches are for free.

Forced to leave, an already exhausted Joey was put on a 14 hour flight to Taiwan, then a further 9 hour flight to Sydney Australia, then a final one-way ticket to Adelaide -all using precious funds he needs for animal activism. Jane Land, Veganuary’s co-founder, was shocked to hear the news:

I’m appalled at the way Joey’s been treated here. What an ordeal for him and Laura to go through. Veganuary has always been a huge fan of Joey’s work and it was fantastic to see him representing the movement in the UK media this year. I hope this can be challenged and if there is anything us UK activists can do to support that – we absolutely will do.

For the full story please watch Joey’s YouTube video below and if you can – support his Patreon account.

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