Just Egg Begins Production

The first retail production run of Just Egg – the plant-based alternative which scrambles like an egg – was completed this weekend.

This game changing product is made from mung beans and will be ideal for making omelettes and scrambled egg. It is free of antibiotics, and cholesterol, and the Veganuary team have tried and can confirm… it tastes just like egg!

Image credit: Just

Just Egg will be available in 30 Veggie Grill restaurants, and will also be available in the following US retailers: Fresh Thyme, Wegmans, Gelson’s Market & Haggen. The product was named as one of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas of 2018 and Just will be looking to increase the number of retailers as production increases.

José Andrés, acclaimed chef and one of TIME’s 100 most influential people, shared the news, saying: “A favorite of mine! These ‘eggs’ really rock and are so tasty! Congratulations!”

According to Just:

‘An egg is the world’s most abundant animal protein and a part of our diet that consumes too many resources. A few years ago, we decided to work with farmers to see if we could come up with a long-term approach to a more sustainable, tastier breakfast for billions of people. That seems like a big and complicated endeavor, and it is, but our work with farmers isn’t that complicated. Because farmers, much more than our team, know their land and soil and how to build a healthy, sustainable food system. We learned from the real experts and built a discovery platform to find the best of what they’ve been growing for thousands of years, including our magical mung bean. Then we source it and scale and scramble it for all of you, starting now.’

Image credit: Just

Just Egg requires less water and fewer carbon emissions, so this is a really positive move forward in helping build a more sustainable food system.

Veganuary recently visited a free range egg farm recently and found shocking conditions, so this is also great news for chickens. If you’re interested in going fully plant-based then why not try our 31 Day Vegan pledge.

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