Making Time for Simple Pleasures with PG Tips

In our go, go, go society, it’s more important than ever for us to remember to take a breather over a nice cup of tea.


Life can be all but a blur some days. Between deadlines and meetings, commuting and sleeping, there’s rarely a moment where we press pause on our busy schedules. Taking time throughout the day to contemplate our own thoughts is not only healthy, but absolutely essential for our mental and physical health. And what better way to take five minutes to yourself, than over a warming cup of comfort?

PG Tips : Helping Busy Vegans Press Pause

PG Tips’ Perfect with Dairy Free, complements plant-based mylks with no separation. Image: PG Tips.

Is there anything more comforting than a delicious cup of tea? From the ritual of brewing, to inhaling the leafy aromas – there’s something extremely theraputic about the whole process. Creating delicious cups of tea has always been the top priority for PG Tips. Their brewing experts continually research unique flavours and tastes to expand the nation’s choices, and ensure that every cup of tea we brew is enjoyed to the greatest degree of perfection. This in mind, PG Tips set their sights upon improving the consistency and flavour of their tea when paired with plant-based milk alternatives. As the proportion of milk consumption continues to move towards plant-based alternatives, PG Tips’ master tea blender, Joyce, was inspired to create a black tea which is perfectly crafted to compliment plant milks.

After tasting hundreds of different tea combinations from over 20 different origins Joyce developed PG Tips’ Perfect with Dairy Free – a black tea blend specifically designed to pair alongside soya, nut and grain-based drinks with no curdling or splitting! A perfect excuse to escape from your working day, and take five minutes to yourself, experimenting with your favourite plant-based milks. As with all PG Tips teas, their new blend is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified. Yet another reason to enjoy a perfect cup of tea, and a quick breather.

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