Morrisons Set to Launch Vegan Ready Meal Range

The supermarket chain has announced the launch of upcoming vegan items, hoping to tap into the meatless market

Image Credit: Morrisons

Vegans across the UK rejoice! Yet another supermarket chain is jumping head-first into the realms of plant-based delights. Morrisons, the UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain, has announced its exciting introduction of a vegan ready meal range, alongside other new plant-based products, in a bid to win over conscious consumers.

The supermarket will be adding a bean-based “non-carne” alternative to traditional meat chilli, “veggies in blankets” and a wide range of new, dairy-free cheeses such as a Red Leicester-style block. These items will be launched under a new, specialist own label towards the end of October according to the Guardian. These products will sit alongside the current plant-based options available at the supermarket, including a selection of VBites, Fry’s, Linda McCartney and Quorn items.

Morrisons is traditionally known for its majorly animal-based product lines including pies and fresh cuts of meat. The supermarket’s introduction of new vegan items is motivated by attempts from the chain to widen the target market reach of its product range. According to David Potts, Chief Executive at Morrisons, the launch is set to broaden the supermarket’s appeal amongst the younger generations, who are more conscious and ethically minded than ever before. 

Wonky Veg Reduces Food Waste

Potts also accredited the supermarket’s recent growth in sales over the summer months to locally-grown food, and the introduction of its environmentally-friendly Wonky Veg, a range of misshapen vegetables which are sold to customers at a discounted price. The chain is committed to selling fresh British produce, despite the hot summer hampering our traditional crop growth cycles, and has therefore adjusted its product specification for the winter months to accommodate smaller vegetables. The sale of misshapen produce helps eliminate an estimated 16% of crops which are deemed unsuitable for the supermarkets due to specific regulations set by industry standards. Potts adds:

“[We will] sell what Britain has grown through the summer. It will be a wonky autumn and Christmas”


Morrisons has also committed to Animal Aid’s #MarkItVegan campaign, promising to label own-brand plant-based products with an easily identifiable vegan symbol. Morrisons’ plans for labelling and improving product clarity will be put into action later this year, helping shoppers to pick out vegan items with ease – no long-winded label scanning necessary! As shoppers become more akin towards plant-based products, Morrisons is recognising the shift in customer demographics, and responding in many exciting, vegan-friendly ways. We look forward to seeing the full launch this coming autumn.

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