Mummy Meagz – The Pensioner Turned Vegan Food Activist

“My Rocky Road Doesn’t Taste Like Sh*t”

A no-nonsense pensioner, known to many as Mummy Meagz, is taking the vegan snack world to a whole new level of tastiness.

Hand-crafting vegan snacks since early 2000, Mummy Meagz explains:

Everyone thought it was impossible for a snack to be vegan, gluten-free, without most allergens AND still be indulgent. They were wrong.

Mummy Meagz
Image Credit: Mummy Meagz

In less than 12 months Mummy Meagz, the pensioner turned vegan food activist, has sold over 12,000 bars, increased distribution to over 20 independent stores nationwide plus a 100% vegan wholesaler, built a website and moved into new premises.

Most people are relaxing in their retirement. Not me. I struggle to rest knowing what’s happening to animals in our world. I’m on a mission to show people you don’t need cow’s breast milk to make good chocolate bars.


This June Mummy Meagz plans to release THREE more flavours of Rocky Road bars. To make that possible she’s launching her first crowdfunding campaign!

I’ve spent all of the money we had to take the Mummy Meagz brand this far. The pre-orders are coming in fast so we need investment to fulfil these and take our next step into production.

We We know people take vegan snacking seriously and want tasty, accessible alternatives to dairy. Alongside the Mars Bars and Snickers, people want a grab-able and delicious vegan chocolate bar. Rocky Road is that bar!   

To be part of Rocky Road’s success and to tell the next generation it was YOU who helped make this brand a household name, support Mummy Meagz’s crowdfunder:

You know it makes sense. 🙂

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