‘Mushroom Whisperer’ Derek Sarno Talks to the BBC About Tesco’s ‘Meaty’ Mushroom Meals

The BBC’s Supermarket Secrets (episode: ‘Staying on Trend’) examines the retailers that are fighting to be number one in the latest food fashion battles; including the battle to stay on top of the fast-growing vegan food movement!

Credit: Wicked Healthy Food

In Series 3 of the BBC’s docu-series Supermarket Secrets, the team go behind the scenes to see how UK supermarkets are using the latest technology and science to bring the British public their food, transforming the way they shop and revolutionising the food in their trolleys.

Presenter Gregg Wallace joins Derek Sarno, Tesco’s Director of Plant-Based Innovation to look at how the company is inventing new vegan meals that realistically replicate the taste and feel of meat.

The programme visits a warehouse near Liverpool, where Sarno is growing exotic mushrooms across 15,000 hardwood logs that mimic the natural environment where the mushrooms would usually grow.

The mushrooms have been selected as the perfect meat replacement because of their chewy texture and masses of natural glutamate, which gives them that savoury ‘meaty’ flavour. The mushrooms are then compressed by a new cooking technique which gives them the perfect ‘meaty’ texture.

Flatlay of mushrooms
Image Credit: Unsplash

As reported, Tesco is really embracing veganism and has started to house plant-based meat alternatives in the meat aisles with the hope that the ever-growing number of flexitarians and meat-reducers will opt to purchase vegan versions of their favourites.

Ahh, there’s nothing like seeing positive coverage of veganism in the mainstream media to confirm that kindness is slowly but surely taking over the world!

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