Incoming: The Vegan Egg Game-Changer

These Sustainable Vegan Eggs Aren’t Just Better than Standard Eggs – They’re the Future!

JUST Egg vegan scrambled eggs
Photo Credit: Hampton Creek

If you haven’t heard of JUST Egg yet then you will soon.

JUST Founder and CEO Josh Tetrick has announced that his San Francisco-based sustainable food start-up company recently entered into an agreement to produce and distribute its vegan JUST Egg product throughout Europe with Eurovo, an Italy-based European leader in the production of eggs and egg products.

This is FANTASTIC news, particularly for vegans and healthy-eaters who are looking for a cruelty-free, zero-cholesterol alternative to eggs which are known to increase our risk of chronic disease.

JUST Egg looks, tastes and scrambles like the real thing. Yet unlike the eggs from animals, these plant-based bad-boys, which are actually made from protein-rich mung beans, are completely free of antibiotics and cholesterol.

High-five to that!

By partnering with the Eurovo Group, which has the scale, history and reach to easily bring JUST Egg to the European market, Tetrick is making a smart move that will allow him to bring additional vegan options to more people and in a much more sustainable way than he could merely by shipping the product here from the U.S. and trying to distribute it across Europe by himself.

Formerly known as Hampton Creek, JUST is an innovative food technology company that brings together biological engineers, food scientists, and Michelin-star chefs to find viable plant proteins and turn them into functional ingredients for tasty and supportable foods that can be enjoyed by anyone. It is also working on lab-grown “clean meat”; something strongly considered by environmentalists to be a planet-saving food technology.

“The world does not believe it’s possible to have healthier, sustainable food that is also affordable and delicious. We are trying to change that mindset,” JUST declares in its online mission statement, which also adds that it is seeking to build a “fair, honest, and just” food system for every community in the world, not only in the U.S. and Europe.

The company believes that plants, because of their health, sustainability impact, and potential to make delicious food, will help them to achieve that mission. Over in America they already appear to be well on their way with JUST products currently sold in every Whole Foods and Walmart Supermarket across the States.

Aside from their incredible eggs, JUST products include plant-based versions of other popular foods such as JUST salad dressings, JUST chocolate chip cookie dough, and JUST mayonnaise; a delicious version created using yellow split peas. And, with a little more luck, these tasty treats could be making their way across the Atlantic very soon.

Just egg product - vegan and sustainable
Photo Credit: Just For All

“…embracing changing consumer preferences and reducing our environmental footprint is a cornerstone of our business, and this relationship ensures that this approach will continue,” said Eurovo’s President Siro Lionello regarding their partnership with JUST.

It’s certainly refreshing to hear a major profit-driven corporation talking about their impact on our planet, isn’t it?

Partnerships like this show that attitudes might be changing as forward-thinking organisations that were once financially dependent on selling animal products begin to recognise the increasing societal demand – and necessity – for food products that don’t harm animals, our planet, and our health. As a result, they’ll experience the profits from the growing demand for vegan products. Longer term, if that demand continues to grow, they may even find themselves in a position where turning their focus away from animal products altogether starts making better financial sense.

Now wouldn’t that be amazing?

Every time we choose to eat vegan, we add to the demand for plant-based foods, whilst simultaneously helping to reduce the financial need for those companies to keep exploiting animals. With our choices, we make a difference and help to determine the future of how food companies do business.

Buying eggs supports an industry where unwanted male chicks are cruelly killed at around one day old and female chickens live short lives in abject misery. When their production wanes (at about 80 weeks old), they will be slaughtered for low-grade meat. The “free-range” or cage-free label actually means very little, as even these hens are very closely-confined and rarely if ever get to venture outside.

So be on the lookout for JUST Egg! It’s going to take the vegan egg game to a whole new level and I for one am VERY excited!

Going vegan has never been easier than it is now, so why not give it a try?


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