Landmark launch of new vegan products in Tesco

A selection of some of the new vegan products being launched in Tesco
Just some of the new Vegan products launching in Tesco. All Images – Tesco

Today (23 Sept 2019) is a good day for animals, the planet and people who want to eat more healthily!

Tesco – the UK’s largest retailer – launches over 40 new plant-based lines in more than 450 stores!

Focused on people who want to reduce their meat consumption without sacrificing family favourites such as bangers and mash, meatballs, nuggets and burgers, the launch will include new products from Tesco’s hugely successful Wicked Kitchen range as well as a new own-brand label Plant Chef. The skyrocketing demand for vegan options has enticed other big brands to get in on the action, with Richmond’s new meat-free sausages, Beyond Burgers and the exciting new Vegetarian Butcher products also included in the launch.

The is a landmark launch not only for its scale, but also the bold decision to place these products in the meat aisle next to their meat-based equivalents where more people will see them and hopefully try them. This is a great move for animals and the planet as every meat-free meal makes a difference.

Veganuary Ambassador and Wicked Kitchen creator Derek Sarno says:

“Plant Chef was developed to help families make easy swaps by providing delicious plant-based alternatives to some of the classic staples. Since launching Wicked we’ve recognised the need to create more options for families. With so many people watching what they eat to help the environment, we have an obligation to provide the best tasting plant-based solutions.

There is a need to provide options for the fastest-growing market we’ve seen this century. People want to eat less meat and more plants and it’s our job as Tesco and chefs to provide those options.”

With this huge push on plant-based from the UK’s largest retailer it’s clear that vegan products are in high demand. And it’s a trend that is sure to keep on growing.

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