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NEW! Veganuary Sports Training Plans

We’ve enlisted the expertise of Team GB Triathlete, Veganuary 2017 participant and now full-time vegan, Dan Geisler, to create training plans to support you in the following supersonic events:

  • Running: 5K, 10K and Half-Marathon
  • Cycling : 20-Mile and 50-Mile Sportive
  • Triathlon: Super-Sprint, Sprint and Olympic Distance

If you’ve signed up (or are thinking of signing up) for an endurance event this year then you can help us to help more animals! Impress your friends and family and get them to reward your hard work by sponsoring you to compete for Veganuary!

Dan Geisler, vegan runner
Image Credit: Dan Geisler

Can being vegan improve sports performance? Dan sure thinks so!

When I started Veganuary I was very sceptical about the outcome – especially on how it would affect my training and racing. However, it has literally proven to be life-changing and I now realise how a pure diet can change your well-being and mental state for the better. I have embraced the plant-based lifestyle and not looked back! It has improved my performance in many ways; helping me to train better, race faster and recover quicker. As such, I felt inspired to become more involved with Veganuary and I want to share my expertise to help others experience the same benefits. These training plans are the best way of sharing this knowledge and will hopefully inspire anyone who wants to achieve a sporting goal.

Feeling inspired? Hooray, because it’s so easy to get involved! Order your Veganuary Fundraising Pack today and hit the ground running with a tailor-made Training Guide for your discipline (‘getting started’ and injury prevention tips, a full training programme with nutritional info and a meal plan, as well as fundraising ideas, a sponsorship form and more), a limited edition Veganuary sports vest and a Race Starter Pack from our fabulous supporters Pulsin’.

Become an animal hero today and run, ride or swim for their lives! Be sure to tag us on Twitter with the hashtags #runfortheirlives, #ridefortheirlives and #swimfortheirlives so we can cheer you on all the way. You can do it!

Veganuary vest vest

Thinking of trying vegan?

Veganuary inspires and supports people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have already taken part. Will you join them?