Psst… The Easter Bunny’s Vegan Too!

Easter is yet another holiday where being vegan is a piece of cake (or a jagged piece of chocolate egg).

Here’s our guide to the best sweet treats out there this Easter…



Moo Free Vegan Easter eggs

Credit: Moo Free Chocolate

The Moo Free Chocolate range is all vegan, organic, and very kid-friendly, and their products are sold in supermarkets and health food stores across the world, including in Australia, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, and the USA. This year, their Easter offerings include the ‘Organic Sea Salt & Caramel Easter Egg’, the ‘Easter Bunnycomb Egg’, and the ‘Cheeky Orange Easter Egg’.

But, if you’re looking for something a little more grown-up, Divine Chocolate is selling a Divine Dark Egg with Pink Himalayan Salt which is just gorgeous.s

Supermarkets are stocking more vegan eggs than ever before. Check out Aldi which has stores in the USA, Australia, and Europe, especially its This year their Organic Dark Egg with Truffles, which has already been making a buzz on social media. They usually have vegan-friendly chocolate bunnies too!


Treat Dream vegan chocolate egg

Credit: Treat Dreams

We’ve heard a lot about ‘Dream Eggs’ by Aussie vegan fave Treat Dreams, which are available at speciality stores in Australia. Dream Eggs are a vegan ‘Creme Egg’, complete with ‘cream’ and ‘yolk’ filling. They also come in limited edition flavours, which this year include passionfruit, cherry coconut, and orange.

Not in Australia? Not a problem. You’ll want to try Chuckie Eggs from Mummy Meagz, which are available in the UK.

Hotel Chocolat Gianduja Eggs

Credit: Hotel Chocolat


Hotel Chocolat is a British chocolatier, and no matter the season, they’ve always got our backs! This year their luxurious praline eggs are on our list and we really hope that the Easter Bunny thinks we have been good (whoops, wrong holiday…).

Organic fair-trade (also certified kosher) chocolatier, Sjaaks’s mouth-watering chocolates can be ordered online and delivered anywhere within the USA. If they delivered to the UK, we would have filled our online baskets with their Peanut Butter Eggs and Almond Butter Bunnies.


Lindt chocolate Easter bunny

Credit: Lindt

Lindt has stores all over the world, including in Europe, Asia, and Australasia, and they also sell products in selected supermarkets. Their dark chocolate foil bunnies are totally vegan and have been a staple of Easter celebrations for years.

Also, check out the “Free From” ranges in your local supermarkets and health-food stores as they usually carry a vegan chocolate bunny or two around this time of year.


Vegan hot cross buns

If you’re based in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand, you probably can’t imagine an Easter without hot cross buns. And you don’t have to! Keep an eye out for accidentally vegan hot cross buns in your local supermarkets (especially own-brand buns). Alternatively, you can make your own vegan hot cross buns with Veganuary’s recipe!


by Chloe peeps

Credit: by CHLOE.

We searched high and low for a vegan version of the American fave, Peeps (marshmallows shaped into everything Easter. Think chicks and rabbits.), to no avail. However, we did find this delicious sounding recipe by by CHLOE.

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