Portuguese Vegan Recipes

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  • Fry's Chicken À Braz

    Bacalhau à Brás (Cod à la Brás) is made from shreds of salted cod (bacalhau), onions and thinly chopped (or sometimes chicken or sausages) fried potatoes in a bound of scrambled eggs. It is usually garnished with black olives and sprinkled with fresh parsley. The origin of the recipe is uncertain, but it is said to have originated in Bairro Alto, an old quarter of Lisbon. The noun "Brás" (or sometimes Braz) is supposedly the surname of its creator. Here's my vegan version!

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  • Portuguese Rice Pudding

    Rice pudding is a very traditional Portuguese dessert, made with cow's milk and eggs. Here - the same flavour - veganised.

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