For over 6 years Basilico has been busy adapting their recipes, offering plant-based alternatives for pizza lovers.

Basilico has been delivering wood-fired pizzas across London for over 20 years: bringing the quality of real Italian pizzas straight to your door. They combine traditional Italian methods of preparation with innovative flavour combinations, using only the best ingredients. And they didn’t stop there! Since 2013, Basilico has offered expertly sourced lactose free, vegan cheese as an option on their vegetarian pizzas.

Take a look at their vegan menu here:


  • Vegan Margherita Basilico: A classic, Italian Margherita pizza with Basilico’s pizza sauce topped with lactose free cheese, fresh chopped tomatoes and basil.
  • Vegan Vegetarian: A pizza covered with roasted aubergines, courgette and red peppers, finished with sliced red onions, tomatoes, basil and, of course, lactose free cheese.
  • Vegan Sicilian: Full of flavour, this pizza with Basilico’s pizza sauce is topped with artichokes, basil, pesto, sun-blushed tomatoes and roasted peppers, and finished with both feta and mozzarella style vegan cheeses.
  • Vegan Zucchini & Artichokes: Vegan newcomer bursting with courgettes, artichokes, sunblushed tomatoes, artichoke crema, all topped with deliciously tangy vegan feta.
 Basilico pizza


  • Tomato Salad: Freshly chopped tomatoes and red onions, garnished with a sprinkling of basil.
  • Vegan Quinoa Salad: Fresh, mixed salad leaves, topped with quinoa, roasted butternut squash, beetroot, and feta style vegan cheese, dressed with honey and balsamic.
  • Vegan Rocket & Parmesana Salad: A scrumptious vegan salad with peppery rocket, sun-blushed tomatoes and vegan parmesana shavings.


  • Garlic Pizza Bread
  • Garlic Pizza Bread with Vegan Cheese
Basilico vegan pizza


  • Lemon Sorbet

This information is accurate on 18/12/2020.

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