Making Udon Noodles the Marugame way is a long, time-consuming craft. Made daily from just three ingredients, wheat flour, salt and water in our open kitchen, we use our skill and intuition, harvesting a deep inner knowledge of the noodle.. We dream of udon being accepted as a part of everyday life here just as it is in Japan. And for us a part of that that means a commitment to 30% of our dishes being vegan.

This January, we are giving all all our Marugame Club members DOUBLE BOWL STAMPS on all vegan udon and rice dishes to enjoy ongoing freebies, treats and rewards. If you’re signing up to Marugame Club for the first time, you also get two free pieces of tempura as a welcome gift!

We would love to welcome you to one of our three existing sites (Liverpool Street, The O2 Arena, Canary Wharf) for a quick and delicious meal. You’ll walk into our kitchen, grab a tray and head up to the counter to see your food made right in front of your eyes. Exceptional quality and unbelievable value for money – that’s the Marugame way.

What are the vegan options at Marugame?


  • Curry Udon. Mildly spicy vegetable curry and udon.
  • Kimchi Yaki Udon. Stir-fried udon with Kimchi, cabbage, red peppers, onions, carrots and bean sprouts.
  • Vegan Kake. Udon in a light umami packed vegetable dashi broth. The ultimate Japanese comfort food.

Rice Bowls

  • Curry Rice. Mildly spicy vegetable curry and steamed rice.


  • Nori Tempura
  • Courgette Tempura
  • Red Pepper Tempura
  • Asparagus Tempura
  • Pumpkin Korokke
  • Fried pumpkin croquette
  • Sweet Potato Tempura
  • Nori Tofu Tempura
  • Kakiage


  • Tofu Omusubi. Rice with miso tofu in a nori seaweed wrap
  • Inari. Seasoned rice in a sweet tofu pocket


  • Salted Edamame
  • Japanese Pickle
  • Kimchi

Information accurate as of 13/01/2022.

Thinking of trying vegan?

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