Veggie Pret

Veggie Pret is a vegetarian and vegan spin-off from Pret A Manger, the iconic sandwich chain. Currently, there are locations in London and Manchester, with an expanding range of vegan options. Keep reading to discover what’s vegan on the menu at Veggie Pret.

NEW – Acai & Almond Butter Smoothie Bowl (Vegan) – Sliced banana, granola and acai berry puree, topped with shredded apple, pomegranate seeds and almond butter. (May contain fruit stones) 

NEW – Vegan Chef’s Italian Salad (Vegan) – A handful of roasted chickpeas accompanied by sliced avocado, baby tomatoes, cucumber and a sprinkling of shiitake and chestnut mushrooms on a bed of salad leaves.  Dressed with our vegan Caesar dressing and a wedge of lemon                                            

NEW – Avo & Chickpeas Herb Wrap (Vegan – Veggie Pret) – A layer of vegan mayo with sliced avocado topped with a dollop of our creamy vegan Caesar dressing, garlic roasted chickpeas and roasted Tomatoes. Finished with basil, a handful of spinach and a stick of cucumber for the crunch  

Eggless Mayo & Roasted Tomato Breakfast Baguette (Vegan)  – A white baguette  filled with our ‘eggless mayo’ and roasted tomatoes. 

Eggless Mayo & Avocado Breakfast Baguette (Vegan) – A white baguette filled with our ‘eggless mayo’. Finished with pieces of Avocado and lemon juice. 

The VLT (Vegan) – Roasted shiitake & chestnut ‘rashers’ with sliced tomatoes, salad mix and a dollop of vegan mayo served on Pret’s malted bread. 

Eggless Egg May Cress Baguette (Vegan) – A vegan classic combination of tofu and vegan mayo creates our ‘eggless mayo’. Finished with freshly chopped cress and a little seasoning. 

Artichoke, Tapenade & Olives Baguette (Vegan) – A vegan recipe on stone baked baguette. Made with our roasted red peppers and cherry tomatoes tapenade topped with Kalamata olives and grilled artichoke hearts. Finished off with fresh basil leaves. 

Vegan Chilli Wrap (Vegan) – Our spicy vegan chilli with sliced avocado on a kibbled wrap topped with charred sweetcorn salsa and coriander. Pickled onions provide a slightly sharp note while red peppers and spinach add crunch and bounce. 

Mango & Banana Sunshine Smoothie Bowl (Vegan) – Blended mango and banana, with a splash of coconut milk and a dash of turmeric, topped with granola, blueberries and coconut chips. 

Cocoa, Nuts & Blueberries Smoothie Bowl (Vegan) – A fruity blend of cashews, banana, coconut, cocoa and lemon topped with granola, almond butter, caramelised pecans, coconut chips and blueberries. 

Vegan Ragu & Red Peppers Hot Wrap (Vegan) – This vegan hot wrap combines our chunky veg & lentil sauce with crunchy red peppers, roasted tomatoes, Kalamata olives and crispy onions.                                                                             

Pret’s Vegan Mac & Greens (Vegan) – Tubetti rigati pasta and cauliflower florets mixed with our vegan béchamel sauce, we then add spinach and parsley before  finishing with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs.                      

Vegan Chilli Enchilada (Vegan) – Our spicy vegan chilli rolled up in a kibbled wrap on a bed of a spicy red pepper sauce and topped with a layer of Pret’s vegan béchamel. Finished with a sprinkling of parsley and breadcrumbs 

Very Berry Croissant (Vegan) – Flaky pastry filled with 5 berry Jam and folded. Topped with nibbed sugar crystals. 

This information is accurate on 31/12/20.

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