Sue Daniels

Sue Daniels is a fourth generation vegetarian and she’s enjoyed cooking vegetarian and vegan food for the past 17 years. Her mission is to help everyone to eat vegan by showing them how easy it is! As Sue says: ‘We do not need to kill animals or use their milk or eggs to create lovely savoury dishes and cakes’. All her recipes are vegan, and tried and tasted by her.

Sue has won several cookery competitions including Animal Aid’s, and her Tomato Roast was chosen to promote National Vegetarian Week in 2013.

Her most recently published recipes include the Chocolate Torte and the Tofu Egg Mayo (which is featured in Viva!’s new cookbook)

Sue established the Leicester Vegetarian & Vegan Group 13 years ago where she’s helped to raise thousands of pounds for many different animal charities. In 2011 Sue won the Veggie Achiever Local Contact Award from The Vegetarian Society, and in 2014 she was awarded the Action for Animals award from Viva!.