Tammy Fry Kelly

I am a dreamer, a philanthropist and a person who believes they can make a difference in the world.

As the eldest daughter of the Fry Family – of which there are three generations of vegetarians – makers of plant-based protein foods, I am a passionate advocate for plant-based nutrition and cruelty-free foods.

My over a decade experience at the helm of product marketing at Fry’s and Director of Meat Free Mondays SA and AUS is guided by nutritional expertise, a love of fitness, love of the environment and outdoor lifestyle. Enabling others to live a happier and more energetic lifestyle through plant-based nutrition is the cornerstone of my passion.

A nutritionist, athlete, self-defence coach, businesswomen, public speaker, animal rights advocate, photographer, and mom of 2, I believe I embody the term #poweredbyplants and hope to inspire others to do the same.