Vegan Grammie Annie

Vegan Grammie Annie is my name when I am writing on my website about veganism and advocating for the rights of all species on this earth. The Vegan is self explanatory. And I am a Grammie to two beautiful grand-chiblets who inspire me daily to be my best self. Annie-well, Annie rhymes with Grammie. My name is Anne, but feel free to call me Annie if you wish…

I have spent much of my life tilting at windmills, looking for justice for unprotected, the abused, the maligned, but I did not understand or recognize my complicity in the ongoing exploitation of other species for our wants, not needs.

Now that I understand, my passion is animal rights and education and my goal is to see the dawn of a vegan world where all species are respected and free.

We stand as one voice in unity with and for the animals.