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  • Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

    Summer is on its way, and the pressure to don the bikini is mounting!

    This is the start of a few summer recipes that will help you on your way to feeling great.

    Remember its not how you look that’s important, its how you feel.

    When you eat deliciously fresh plant based food, you always feel better!

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  • Chocolate and Date Flapjack

    I do love a nice flapjack. There seem to be two different schools of thought on what makes the perfect flapjack - either with a good crunch to it, or a nice sticky chewy affair. My personal preference is definitely the latter, and here is my take on just that!

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  • Banana Berry Breakfast Smoothie

    This yummy banana berry smoothie is an easy way to beat the mid-morning munchies! Start the day with a glass and follow it up with a bowl of my ginger nut crunch muesli. This heavenly combo will easily keep you full until early afternoon.

    Feel free to change the recipe depending on your mood or seasonal ingredients available. Freezing fruit stops any wastage, and means your smoothie's ice-cold and ready to drink. It's a deliciously healthy way to start your day.

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  • Almond Milk

    Making your own almond milk is the easiest vegan thing to do! Health benefits include as much calcium as dairy milk, but higher in vitamins A, D and E, no saturated fat, and fewer calories than skimmed. This doesn't contain any preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or other additives that you'll find in almost every shop bought version.

    What's not to love about this milky marvel?

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