Shrewsbury & Telford Residents Fund ‘Save Ernie’ Bus Adverts!

A group of local vegan campaigners have come together to fund adverts to appear on the backs of ten local buses urging people to take part in Veganuary.

 The adverts – which will be live for four weeks – feature Ernie, a beautiful charismatic piglet who last year appeared in a London Underground advertising campaign, and helped encourage 10,000 Londoners to take part in Veganuary. Now, Shrewsbury’s Veganuary fundraising group say they hope Ernie will persuade Shropshire residents to sign up for the month-long plant-based pledge, too.

Veganuary #SaveErnie

Jo Ruff, Julie Mills, Daniel Baker, Alix Meek and Michelle D’Arcy were just some of the people who started fundraising for the adverts with huge input from Shropshire Veggies and Vegans, as well as friends and family. They then held car boot sales, organised raffles and organised bake sales. Along with a grant from The Vegan Society, they made enough money to fund the adverts that appear on the back of seven Telford and three Shrewsbury buses. ‘So many people have helped,’ says Jo, who co-spearhead the initiative. ‘It’s been a real collaboration of kindness.’

As a long-time vegetarian and animal-lover, Jo felt she was doing all she could to help animals but then, ten years ago, became aware of the cruelty in the dairy industry. ‘Finding out how cows are impregnated forcefully, and then their calves taken away from them so we can drink their milk was such a shock,’ she says. ‘I realised that the only way I could avoid contributing to such suffering was to be vegan.’ And she has been vegan ever since.

 Says Veganuary co-founder, Jane Land: ‘People take part in Veganuary for all kinds of reasons –  for their health, for the environment, for sustainability but the number one reason people give is to reduce animal suffering. Whatever their reason, everyone who signs up will find a welcoming, supportive, non-judgmental community waiting for them and they may find their life improves in many, often unexpected, ways in just 31 days! Participants tell us they sleep better, have more energy, clearer skin and improved digestion, among many other benefits. There is nothing to lose by trying vegan for a month, so why not join thousands of others and give it a go?’

  • For more information or to arrange an interview with Jo, Danny, Julie, Michelle or Alix, contact [email protected]
Save Ernie Bus

Vegan in Shropshire

In recent years, the amount of vegan foods available in supermarkets and restaurants has dramatically increased, and Jo has listed some of her favourite local eateries to help those who take part in Veganuary:


  • Plantkind (cosy vegan coffee shop)
  • Itadakizen (vegan Japanese restaurant)
  • Mex-it-up (at all veg events including ours – Tex-Mex food)
  • The Good Life (veggie / vegan café)
  • Taste of Shrewsbury (veggie / vegan options café)
  • Birds Nest Café (veggie / vegan options)
  • The Third Place curry house (veggie / vegan options)
  • Csons café (veggie / vegan options)
  • Ginger & Co (veggie / vegan options coffee shop)
  • Zizzi’s (veggie / vegan options, with vegan cheese)
  • J D Wetherspoon (veggie / vegan options)
  • Ask Italian (veggie / vegan options)


  • Taj Mahal Indian restaurant (veggie / vegan options)
  • The Old Orleton Inn (veggie / vegan options)
  • Mendez & Co (veggie / vegan options)
  • Swimming pool (veggie / vegan coffee options)


  • Zizzi’s (veggie / vegan options, with vegan cheese)
  • J D Wetherspoon (veggie / vegan options)
  • Novello Lounge (veggie / vegan options)
  • Pizza Express (veggie / vegan options, with vegan cheese)


  • Greenwood Café (veggie / vegan options)


  • The Den (veggie / vegan restaurant)


  • Fat Rabbit (veggie / vegan restaurant)


  • The Olive Branch (veggie / vegan options)

Ready to take the Veganuary pledge?

Veganuary is the world's largest vegan movement, inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year.