The Crowdfunding Veganuary Superheroes

When we called for support to produce a promotional video, it was the Veganuary superheroes who swooped in to help us!

With your donations we managed to exceed our crowdfunding target and raised an impressive £6,045!

We’re incredibly grateful and would like to thank the following people for their generosity and kindness:
Houston Wong
Greg Kane
Dawn Moncrief
Nickie West
Kimberley Roemer
Marian Givens
Alan Sadler
Chris Wood
Ellie Rusu
Lisa Mazzella
Martin Ashby
Kezia Jauron
Gary Smith
Jane & David Lund
Lizzi Shaw
Christopher Jenkins
Brian Jacobs
Dee’s Wholefoods
Pavla Georgievova
Lee Marriott
Tina Abbott
Lynfa Lewis
Jose Valle
Kate Stewart
Nicola Woodrow
Emma Vickers
Gail Owen
Ray Mitchell
Jonathan Ryan
Jessica Litherland
Claire Bass
Judith Harrison
John Payne
Matteo Cupi
Neil Williams
Julie Gallagher
Jade Newbury
Heather Fenoughty
Jo Gillibrand
Jo Smith
Sandra Koelsch
Martin Derham
Lynsey Smith
Spencer Harris
Charles Daniels
Ross Mayhew
Leona Wieder
Alex Higson
Annemarie Dalley
Laura Gough
Bill Buddle
Charlotte Fortune
Louise Mead
Donna Cordwell
Anneka Svenska
Luis Arias
Mel Marley
Katie Markham
Judy Owen
Lynsey Clayton
Anna Bannister
Michelle Palmer-Wheeler
Leigh Sanders
Charlotte Regan
Sarah Moody
Adrian Shephard
Elizabeth Fisher
Loretta McKenna
Kevin Watkinson
Sally Thompson
Damien Clarkson
Julie Warburton
Christine Scalfo
Elaine Allen
Julie Allinson
Tess Turner
Lisa Cawkwell
Ruth Goodman
Sophie Bonami
Michael Philip
Joy Ogude
Emilia Leese
Shaunee Riddle
Emma Pullen
Hannah Osmond
Elizabeth Hamlet
Paulina Olivares
Lara Turner
Sharon Lakin
Kirk Lake
Laura Baxter
Katie Bedford
Rebecca Hurst
Scott Robertson
Angela Taylor 
Barbara Glover

Thank you for caring!

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