The Meat Free Monday Challenge – Week 4

Two hearty dishes with an international twist!

Ninja-fied King Ranch Casserole
Image Credit: Meat Free Monday

Over a 10 week period, we’ve teamed up with Meat Free Monday to introduce loads of tasty, meatless (and vegan!) ideas to you! This will help to ease you into Veganuary 2018 armed with lots of new meal ideas and inspiration for trying vegan this January. Take the challenge and test your culinary skills with two new recipes every week until the end of December!

As we approach week 4 of Meat Free Monday’s we are welcomed by World Kindness Day this 13th November. What a perfect time to treat your family and friends to delicious new vegan options! Why not prepare something a bit special for your loved ones and treat them to a meatless dish they may not have tried before? This week you have a choice of two scrumptious international inspired dishes; Ninja-Fied King Ranch Casserole and Paella Verduras.

These recipes come to you from Meat Free Monday‘s ‘Meat Free Monday Cookbook’, published by Kyle Books. Wicked Healthy (the brainchild of brothers Derek and Chad Sarno) are kind enough to put forward a recipe on our behalf, so you can enjoy a true ‘Veganuary’ dish!

Vegan dinner
Image © Derek Sarno

First up we have our own healthy spin on a southwestern classic, Ninja-Fied King Ranch Casserole! This rustic, hearty dish is full of zest! A real comfort food guaranteed to leave you with happy, full tummies. This recipe serves over 4 people and is ready in 90 minutes, recipe courtesy of Wicked Healthy for Veganuary.

Get the full Ninja-Fied King Ranch Casserole recipe.

Vegan food
Image © Tara Fisher

As the winter air sets in we’re reminiscent of the days of leaving the house with just a light jacket and enjoying a rainbow of delightful foods. Here to take you back is a Spanish dish, Paella Verduras, which includes a variety of bright vegetables blended together in saffron flavoured rice. This recipe serves 6 people and is ready in 40 minutes, recipe taken from The Meat Free Monday Cookbook. Foreword by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney. Published by Kyle Books.

Get the full Paella Verduras recipe.

How good are these two options?…You may just want to try them both!

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