The Meat Free Monday Challenge – Week 6

Comfort Food-esque vs. Light and Healthy

Mac Daddy Taco Platter

Congratulations! If you’ve made it to week 6 of our 10-week challenge with Meat Free Monday then you’re over half way there! This challenge is designed to show people just how easy it is to try a meatless Monday by showing two recipes each week. This week you have a choice of two international dishes, carb up your Monday with the ever so filling Mac Daddy Taco Platter, or go for the light and satisfying Panzanella!

These recipes come to you from Meat Free Monday‘s ‘Meat Free Monday Cookbook’, published by Kyle Books. Wicked Healthy (the brainchild of brothers Derek and Chad Sarno) offering their culinary expertise to offer you a real ‘Veganuary’ dish.

Derek Sarno vegan food
Image © Derek Sarno

Its fair to say not everyone loves a Monday, time to get back to the working week after your relaxing weekend off. But we all like to relax, and we all love a bit of comfort food to make us feel all fuzzy inside, it is winter after all – here’s where the Mac Daddy Taco Platter comes in! This dish, usually dairy filled, can be made deliciously dairy free with Wicked Healthy Base Cheez Sauce, so its not that naughty really. Go on, treat yourself! This recipe serves 6 and is ready in 30-45 minutes, recipe courtesy of Wicked Healthy for Veganuary.

Get the full mac daddy taco recipe.

Salad bowl
Image © Tara Fisher

On the other hand, if you’re feeling energized and ready to take on the week, kick things off to a healthy start with Panzanella! Nothing makes us feel better than getting some good nutritious food inside of us, this dish will leave you satasfied without the weight of a big heavy lunch. This recipe serves 4 and is ready in 15-20 minutes – perfect for when you’re on the go! Recipe taken from The Meat Free Monday Cookbook. Foreword by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney. Published by Kyle Books.

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These dishes are perfect for any Monday, which will you try?

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*Please note that this website also produces vegetarian recipes.

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