The Meat Free Monday Challenge – Week 7 - Veganuary

The Meat Free Monday Challenge – Week 7

Two tasty miso dishes!

Veganuary Meat Free Monday options
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December is here, and we are only a few short weeks away from Veganuary! Here we are at week 7 of the 10-week Meat Free Monday challenge, where we bring you a choice of two delicious dishes for you to choose from each week. This week we’re showing you two different ways to experiment with miso; choose from Miso Sweet Potato Pie with a Crispy Onion Crust or Miso Broth!

These recipes come to you from Meat Free Monday‘s ‘Meat Free Monday Cookbook’, published by Kyle Books. Wicked Healthy (the brainchild of brothers Derek and Chad Sarno) offer Veganuary their culinary expertise to show you what you can expect this January.

Veganuary plant-based food with cheeze
Image Credit: Wicked Kitchen

Wicked Healthy are back at it again this week with their dairy free Base Cheez Sauce! If you liked last week’s recipe then you might just love Miso Sweet Potato Pie with a Crispy Onion Crust. This dish is beautifully layered with finely sliced sweet potatoes coated in a creamy miso sauce. This recipe serves 6-8 and is ready in 90+ minutes, recipe courtesy of Wicked Healthy for Veganuary.

Get the full miso onion pie recipe.

Miso Broth
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Its that time of the year when there is that extra bit of chill in the air, ice is starting to form and you need an extra thick scarf and gloves, why not warm up with a delicious bowl of Miso Broth. This nutrient packed, vegetable filled broth is perfect on any winters day. This recipe serves 2 and is ready in 20-30 minutes. Recipe taken from The Meat Free Monday Cookbook. Foreword by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney. Published by Kyle Books.

Get the full miso broth recipe.

Two different but delicious ways of cooking with miso, which will you try?

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