Top 10 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts 2021

Dreaming of a green Christmas this year? It’s easy to shop sustainably with these unique, eco-friendly Christmas gifts that are kind to the planet.

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts 2020 - including food gifts, zero waste presents and more
Image Credit: Cheshire’s Finest, Beevive, Social Stories

The Singing Leaf Organic Tea Gift Set (£25)

This is a beautiful gift for the tea-loving, environment-enthusiast in your life. The set features two bags of hand-blended loose-leaf tea in flavours of your choice, along with eco-friendly, tea-making accessories: bamboo tea-infuser, reusable cotton tea bags, and a bamboo spoon and tongs.

The Singing Leaf gift set - this is a great sustainable Christmas gift
Image Credit: The Singing Leaf

Cheshire’s Finest Ultimate Sleepy Gift Box (from £10)

Make the most of a little rest and relaxation over Christmas with this calming gift box. With all products being vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable, you can sleep easy with this eco-friendly Christmas gift.

Cheshire's Finest ultimate sleepy gift box
Image Credit: Cheshire’s Finest

WakeCup Zero Waste Lunch Kit (£40)

Save money and save single-use plastic pollution with WakeCup’s zero waste lunch kit. Perfect for packed-lunch-lovers, the kit includes a washable, waterproof vegan lunch bag, a reusable cutlery set and a bamboo water bottle.

Wake Cup zero waste gift set
Image Credit: WakeCup

Beevive Bee Hotel (£24.99)

Crafted from FSC-certified wood, this gift is great for the environment in so many ways. And, for every bee hotel sold, Beevive plants one tree. So, in giving the nature-fanatic in your life a thoughtful gift, you’re also giving back to the planet.

Beevive bee hotel gift
Image Credit: Beevive

Miguel Barclay Vegan One-Pound Meals (£15.30)

Know a vegan on a budget? Miguels’ plant-based version of his one-pound meals is sure to be a successful addition to any kitchen’s bookshelf. Packed with more than 85 recipes, it’ll keep your recipient inspired for the year to come.

One Pound Vegan cookbook
Image Credit: Miguel Barclay

Vegan & Friendly Plant Life Tee (£22)

Help your loved-one show their love for plants with this cool tee from Vegan & Friendly. This is one of our favourite eco-friendly Christmas gifts. Why? Made using organic materials by a company committed to sustainability and fair-working conditions, it’s guilt-free all round.

Vegan & Friendly plant life tee
Image Credit: Vegan & Friendly

Wave Biodegradable Phone Case (£15)

Grab someone a beautiful and biodegradable phone case this Christmas. Established by three friends on the North-East coast, Wave phone cases aim to reduce the devastating impact of plastic on our oceans. So, your recipient can protect their phone as well as protecting the planet!

Wave eco-friendly phone case
Image Credit: Wave

Smoke and Ash Whale Tail Bracelet (£25)

Specialising in handmade, recycled jewellery, Smoke and Ash has a collection for everyone. Whether you’re treating a fan of all things celestial or an ocean lover, you’ll find something special here. We love this gorgeous whale tail bracelet from the ocean collection.

Smoke and Ash necklace
Image Credit: Smoke and Ash

Social Stories Club Vegan Treats Gift Box (£36)

Who doesn’t love edible Christmas gifts? This vegan gift box is a treat for everyone. As well as being a tasty gift, each box contains items which support social causes. Packed with hot chocolate, chutney and tea, it’s a lovely way to spoil the vegan in your life.

Social Stories gift set - a perfect eco-friendly present for Christmas
Image Credit: Social Stories

Heavenly Organics Orange & Lime Body Scrub (£18.99)

Full of heavenly citrus scents, this moisturising body scrub will have the recipient feeling and smelling like Christmas. Made with all-natural ingredients, including mood-boosting essential oils, this gift is great for the skin, great for the mind and great for the planet.

Heavenly Organics orange and lime vegan body scrub. This is one of our favourite eco-friendly Christmas gifts.
Image Credit: Heavenly Organics

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