New App For Replacing Non-Vegan Ingredients Makes Vegan Easy!

gonutss is a website/app where you can find-and-replace non-vegan food with vegan alternatives! The simple search functionality will make “veganization” easy, whether you’re looking for egg-free baking, post-workout protein, or everything in between.

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gonutss includes hundreds of products, recipes and raw materials and it keeps expanding on a daily basis. In addition, gonutss currently offers two calculators to help replace eggs in baking (just type “baking calculator”) and to get proteins after a workout (just type “protein calculator”).

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Vegans for several years, Neta and Dror (wife [31] and husband [32]) have always wanted to create something that will help ease the transition to a vegan way of life. A few months ago, while on a road trip, they found it – gonutss. They’ve built it from scratch in their spare time, Neta responsible for the content and Dror responsible for the tech side.

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Dror Grof: 

gonutss is what I needed when I became vegan, something to help me replace everything I ate with vegan alternatives. I see gonutss as a place for the curious omnis and veggies, on-their-ways, vegans or even people having vegan guests for dinner. Our aim with gonutss is to make vegan more accessible and simple.

Neta Dror:

For me, being vegan is the easiest good thing I’ve ever done. I want it to be the same for everybody who wishes it for herself or himself. Having said that, it wasn’t easy at first. I remember the frustration of not knowing what to eat for breakfast (that’s both healthy and tasty), or prepare for dinner with friends. That has led me to think – “we have gathered a lot of knowledge over the years – why not pass it forward to ease the whole process for others?”

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“This is so perfect! I have been a vegetarian for around a year now and I always thought moving to veganism would be really hard and daunting but this makes it so much easier.”

“Your app is amazing! I am newly vegan and this is beyond helpful! Thanks so much!”

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Image Credit: Gonutss

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