The Veganuary Loves Weekender Round Up

The Veganuary team have rounded up a selection of the products and brands that helped us live our best Veganuary lives this January.

And the winners are…

With so many creative mock meats available these days, being vegan doesn’t mean missing out! Whether you’re after a beef-less patty, a fish-less fillet, or a plant-based alternative to bacon, these guys have got you covered:

With so many creamy delicious dairy alternatives including milks, yogurts, cheese, and condiments, easily available, we can’t believe we didn’t give up scary dairy sooner! Our faves include:

We all deserve a treat every once in a while! For pure indulgence, these are our ultimate sweet vegan delights:

It’s never been so easy to eat out as a vegan! Here’s where we have been stuffing our faces this Veganuary:

From tea and juice, to syrups and cheeky alcoholic beverages, these drinks will help you wash down all that delicious food you’ve been eating this Veganuary:

If you’re thinking of continuing your Veganuary journey into February and beyond (and we really hope you will!), these subscriptions delivered straight to you door will help you keep on track. They also make great gifts for vegan or vegan-curious friends and family.

And finally, in celebration of all things vegan, these are some of our other top vegan buys:

Of course Veganuary isn’t just for January! You can sign up for Veganuary’s 31-day pledge at any time… So why not sign up to try vegan today?

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