Think Being Veg Is Expensive? Here Are 7 Tips for Eating on a Budget

Some people claim that they could never cut out meat because it would be too expensive. Little do they know vegetarian and vegan eating is incredibly affordable! Here are our tips for eating less meat, on a budget!

1. Stick With the Staples

vegan grains

Buying whole foods, such as fruits, veggies, grains, and beans, will help you stay on budget. Buy them in bulk to really save!

2. Shop at the Farmers Market


Farmers markets can be much more affordable than the supermarket, and are definitely fresher! Make friends with the farmers to get the best deal on what’s in season.

3. Try Frozen Fruits and Veggies

Frozen Vegetables

Stock up with large bags of frozen fruits and veggies. They’re cheap and last exponentially longer!

4. Make Your Own Products From Scratch


Break out your favorite cookbook, and get to work!

5. Cook in Bulk

Vegan cooking

Consider cooking in big batches on the weekend. Leftovers will leave your wallet full!

6. Grow Your Own Garden

Growing vegetables

Not only is it conveniently located in your yard, but it’s also very cost-effective! Grow your favorites: tomatoes, lettuce, and more!

7. Stray From Speciality Foods


Brand names and elaborate meals can be costly. On the Choose Veg website there are some simple recipes ideas here.

Original article provided by MFA and Choose Veg. Read more from them on the subject: (formerly Choose Veg)


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