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Three Reasons To Go Vegan This Summer

Food, fitness and fashion. Summer is the season to go vegan!


There’s nothing more enjoyable at this time of year than a vegan summer picnic. Seasonal fruit and vegetables taste so much better, and can be sourced locally (reducing your carbon footprint) which encourages more investment in local plant-based agriculture. What’s more, eating seasonally helps you to reconnect with the planet that your diet is helping to support.

According to the Vegetarian Society, August is the month for aubergines, beetroot, blackberries, broad beans, broccoli, cauliflower, courgettes, cucumbers, potatoes, raspberries, rhubarb, strawberries, tomatoes, sweetcorn (delicious when grilled on the barbecue) and plenty more! And if the thought of eating, or preparing, vegetables curbs your appetite, there are lots of other vegan options to throw on the barbecue instead.

Iceland’s No Bull Burgers have a very meat-like consistency, and even replicate the bleeding effect without the cruelty, so they are a great option to share with friends and family who aren’t vegan but want to try something different. Vegan quarter pounder? Yes please! Linda McCartney has you covered, with the delicious Seasoned Vegetarian 1/4 LB Burgers. Vegan cheese slices can be found in most UK supermarkets, including Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and you can easily get hold of vegan sausages for making hotdogs too. Fancy dessert? You can’t beat a vegan summer pudding.

Health and Fitness

People come to veganism for many different reasons; some worry about the environment, others are against the suffering of animals and for many, health is a key driver. Happily, summer is the perfect time to enjoy getting active outdoors – and even take up a new hobby.

There are so many athletes who swear by a vegan or plant-based diet, including tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams and ultra-marathon runner, Scott Jurek. Oscar-nominated director James Cameron has even made a film about them (The Game Changers).

Whether you are running, surfing, swimming, or playing tennis, a vegan diet can help you thrive. Don’t believe the myths about protein either. With bean burgers, tofu hotdogs, seitan steak, hummus, chocolate soya milkshakes, quinoa salads, and so much more on offer, you’ll never struggle to feel full, fuelled and satisfied.


If you’re keen to embrace veganism beyond the realm of the fridge, fashion is the perfect place to start.

For long sunlit strolls, Birkenstock has released vegan versions of its quintessential summer sandals.

When the warm evenings draw in, be sure to step out in style with Bourgeois Boheme, a vegan company making beautiful shoes for men and women using eco-friendly Italian vegan leather.

If you’re heading on an adventure and need to be hands-free, try Hipsters for Sisters for bum-bags made from either 100% organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles. They even donate 2% from each purchase to charities supporting women and the planet.

On a budget? Head to H&M for affordable and mostly vegan clothes. The company was recently praised by Greenpeace for leading the way on responsible water and chemicals management. Spot the connection?

All these companies, and so many more vegan brands, are committed to making fashion more sustainable. You’ll not only look great in your new summer wardrobe, you’ll be reducing animal suffering and supporting the planet too.

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