Tideford sees 43% sales growth since going vegan

The tide has turned for Tideford Organics….

In September 2016, Tideford made a big (some said risky!) change. They became the UK’s first organic vegan + gluten-free brand. To celebrate, they wanted to see just how much of a difference a year makes.

Tidefords Vegan Savings!

They’ve calculated the environmental impact of their new vegan range*, and we’re delighted to say that…

  • With your help, Tideford has saved 63,000 kg of C02 this year
  • That’s the same amount of carbon stored by 74 acres of forest in 1 year
  • It’s the equivalent of switching over 2,000 lightbulbs from incandescent to LED
  • And would be the same amount of C02 produced by a car driving over 154,000 miles

And, to make these savings even more impressive, Tideford has seen a 43% growth in sales since going fully plant-based. Lynette Sinclair, Managing Director of Tideford Organics, stated:

Since becoming the UK’s first organic vegan brand in September last year, we’re delighted to have seen such a positive impact on our sales. Our brand has found a new home with a younger consumer looking for delicious, healthy, environmentally-friendly plant-based food. We have an exciting NPD programme planned for the coming year – including our new range of smaller 300g soups + meal pots, and our Autumn / Winter range of FODMAP-friendly and High Protein flavours.

On top of such a positive sales increase, we’ve calculated the environmental impact of our new range*. We know there’s a long way to go, but we couldn’t be happier with the positive impact our switch to vegan has made, and can’t wait for more people and brands to join us!

* Please note all calculations are approximate, based on the number of delicious soups we’ve sold in the past year. We have also aimed to take into account the running of our factory and distribution of our products.

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