Tiffany Watson’s Vegan Diary

Instagram icon Tiffany Watson shares her vegan diary with us, spilling her thoughts on vegan menus, travel and more!

Veganism has been growing and growing over these past few years, which makes me so happy! Landing back into England after spending Christmas in Australia I was so excited to discover that Veganuary was what everyone was talking about. A Greggs’ vegan sausage roll, Pizza Hut bringing out vegan pizzas, mainstream chain restaurants having a complete plant-based menu for the whole of January…it seemed to be everywhere! Deciding to go vegan myself a little over two years ago now you really do get excited over new product launches, new menus, new foodie items being brought out… it’s a constant buzz of seeing a new business or product launch and being able to try it out and support an individual’s new venture. 

Tiffany discovered veganism after opening her eyes to the ways of the food industry. Image: @tiffanyc_watson via Instagram.

Discovering Truth

I decided to go vegan after discovering the truth about what happened in the dairy and egg industry from going to a PETA talk and seeing behind-the-scenes footage. Personally, once you see that sort of thing I don’t think you can ever forget it, and even to this day it still plays on my mind. I instantly decided I was going to cut out dairy and eggs, and I haven’t looked back ever since.

A few months later I cut out fish completely and then a few months after that I started to look into vegan beauty, fashion and that’s when I realised it was so much more than just what you ate. It’s crazy to me now, to think I would just buy a leather handbag or pair of boots, and not even think about where they came from. Or try a new beauty product and not even question whether it was tested on animals or not… the thought didn’t even cross my mind.

Awareness Is Key

I love the fact that now people are so much more aware. There’s been a complete shift in the way people shop, eat and make day-to-day choices – now, health is cool. I hope this isn’t a fad or trend but I personally don’t think it is. I think it is the start of a new way of living. People are now so much more aware of the impact they make on the planet, becoming more conscious about minimising the use of plastic, for example.

I just love seeing brands that really put time and effort into finding ways to put a stop to animal testing, put a stop to using palm oil, put a stop to using unrecyclable plastic packaging. There are so many factors which have such a huge impact on this planet and the animals, it can be so overwhelming at times to an individual wanting to make a difference or see change. I admire animal activists so much. The ones that dedicate their entire life to helping animals. They are a huge inspiration to me.

The Future Is Vegan

Image: @tiffanyc_watson via Instagram.

I’m excited to see what’s going to happen over the next ten years and how much our country will grow with veganism. To think, we used to struggle to find a plant-based milk option in most cafés! Now, it is the complete norm to have so many milk options! For indecisive people like myself I actually quite like when there is a limited amount on the menu to choose from…otherwise I’m sat trying to decide what to order for ages! Gone are the days when there was only a risotto as the veggie option on a meat-based menu, and that would be it.

For anyone who follows me on Instagram they will know I love travel, and it adds a completely different exciting aspect to travel when you are vegan. Getting to explore a country and see how vegan-friendly or not vegan-friendly their culture is, it’s fascinating. OK yes, it does kind of suck when there are no vegan options, but actually it helps my self-control, otherwise I’d be four pain au chocolats down at the breakfast buffet every morning! Everywhere I’ve been recently, the vegan scene has been incredible. Sydney, Cape Town, Bali. It’s fun seeing what other people are coming up with and discovering the creativity behind new concepts. 

I often feel like people talk about the struggles of being vegan or the things vegans are missing out on, so I hope this blog piece has a given a little insight into just a few things that I think you gain from being vegan! Of course there is still a long way to go for the vegan movement, but to me, that’s the exciting part about it.

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