Please help us by reviewing the common questions below before you get in touch. Your question may already be answered!

Press and media enquiries

Our 2018 press pack can be downloaded from here: media release, book publication, Veganuary ambassadors.

Alternatively, please click here to submit your press / media enquiry.

I signed up, but I haven’t received my emails?

Sometimes our emails are filtered into your spam folder (how rude!) so please check there.

Your emails will arrive on the date you selected on the sign up form. If the date has passed and your emails have not arrived, please contact us at and let us know what email address you used to sign up. We can then check our system and get straight back to you. In the meantime, have you seen our Vegan Starter Kit? This contains all our essential info to ensure your Veganuary gets off to a flying start!

How can I help raise awareness about Veganuary / veganism?

It’s great that you want to help raise awareness!

We have a variety of assets for social media or print in our supporter resource pack. You’re welcome to use these to encourage people to try Veganuary. Here you can download posters and leaflets for free and get them printed yourself locally. Alternatively you can ask us to send you printed materials – paying just for printing, handling and shipping (UK only).

And more generally – talk to your friends! Talk to your neighbours, or that guy in the bar! You could even give people a copy of our brilliant book, How To Go Vegan!

Can you promote my product?

We aren’t currently adding new products to our product registry.

Can you promote my café or restaurant?

If your café or restaurant has fewer than ten outlets, then sadly we’re not in a position to do any proactive promotion of it – as we have no way to target our messages at those in a certain geographical area, and it’s unlikely to be of much interest to those not local to the areas you serve. We can though provide you with an awesome catering guide and recipe book which may be helpful.

If your café or restaurant has more than ten outlets, please do contact us below.

From start-ups to Michelin starred restaurants, to high street chains, we’d love you to run some Veganuary-themed events or put up Veganuary posters. If you’re doing this, do mention us on social media, and we’ll engage with you when we can. Our followers love to hear feel-good news stories or anything out of the ordinary, so please let us know about these too by tagging us online @weareveganuary.

I have a specific query about going vegan

There are a lot of helpful resources on this website – the search button at the top of the page might have the answer you’re looking for! Alternatively you could browse through our vegan starter kit, or check the myths section.

We also have a super-helpful Facebook group. This is stuffed full of people who’ve done Veganuary before or are doing it at the same time as you. We’ve all come across the same problems, so just post a message and some friendly supportive vegans will be sure to point you in the right direction. Alternatively you can search the group to see if someone else has already asked your question – they quite possibly will have!

I want to volunteer

That’s great! We get a lot of people asking how they can help. The easiest way is to use our supporter pack to help raise awareness of Veganuary in your local community, and get more people taking the pledge.

If you have specialist skills that you think might help, though, please do contact us below.

I want to feature in your ‘people’ section

Great! We like to feature a wide range of vegans in our people section – from performance athletes and celebrities to regular, everyday people. We all have a different story – and you might just be the inspiration for someone to go vegan. Submit your story.

I have a question that isn’t covered here

Do contact us below, and one of our vegan elves will be in touch. We aim to respond to all enquiries within four working days but please bear with us if it’s longer!

Veganuary is now in full swing so please be patient if using the form below. Thanks!

Important: Do not put any links in any fields. If we need links from you, we will request them from you.