A Guide to Vegan Beer

Have you just realised that your favourite beer has pesky animal products in it? Well, you can still enjoy a cheeky pint with our round-up of some of the best vegan-friendly beers and pubs out there.


For those looking to go cruelty free, it can come as a shock to find out that some beers contain additives, ingredients and processing agents of animal origin. Fear not though! There are still plenty of delicious animal-free alcoholic drinks out there, especially in the craft beer market. Here are just some of our favourites …

Brew Dog

Punk brewers Brewdog have proudly created a range of vegan-friendly beers, that all display the Vegan Society badge of approval. They just have a few exceptions (Jet Black Heart contains milk and a few others contain honey) but the majority of their range is vegan friendly, including their well-loved Punk IPA.


This Irish classic used to be off limits for those switching to a vegan lifestyle as it always used isinglass (from fish) in the fining process. Now, thanks to new technology, this legendary stout is vegan-friendly, whether bought on draft, in a bottle or in a can. Thank goodness!


This includes Beck’s, Stella Artois, Brahma and Leffe, which are all brewed by the same brand, and are all vegan-friendly. Watch out for Stella Artois Apple Cidre and cask ales though as these aren’t suitable for vegans.

Camden Town

All of this London-based brewery’s beers are vegan – happy days! So you can drink as much of Camden Town’s Pale Ale or Hell’s Lager as you can (sensibly) stomach.

Yeastie Boys

Hailing from New Zealand but available in the UK, this indie brewery offers everything from hoppy dark beers to fruity IPAs, and everything is vegan.

PETA has a full list of beers that do not have any nasties in them, and the website Barnivore also provides a helpful database to quickly search through  – so take a peek at this before you head out on your next drinking session and see if your favourite tipple makes the list. It’s worth double-checking where possible, as ingredients can change from country to country, and over time.

Vegan pub crawl?

If you’re out and about then check out some of the vegan and vegetarian pubs and bars popping up around the UK, where you can relax and enjoy a pint safe in the knowledge you’re in great company. Here are just a few…

The Coach and Horses – Greek Street, Soho

London’s first vegetarian pub, this lively and traditional pub also serves an epic menu that includes vegan fish and chips!

The Spread Eagle – Camden

One of East London’s oldest pubs and now its first 100% vegan pub – The Spread Eagle offers rotating cask ales and 14 draught lines.

The Walnut Tree – Thwaite near Ipswich

A beautifully traditional-style pub, serving vegan and vegetarian restaurant style food in a relaxed setting.

The Tipsy Vegan – Norwich

Set in the historic Lanes in Norwich, this honestly named bar serves bespoke cocktails plus a range of hand-picked beers, ciders and wines.

The Roundhill – Brighton

Fully vegan bar and kitchen at this tucked-away gem in this ever-popular seaside town.

The Flying Duck – Glasgow

Great food, beer and cocktails at this buzzy Glasgow music venue.

The Ship Inn – Newcastle

A dog-friendly pub with vegan kitchen in this great city.

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