Vegan Christmas Gifts: What to Get the Tricky to Buy For

Whether it’s your dad whose sock drawer is already well-stuffed, or the deadpan colleague you’ve drawn in the Secret Santa, some people are just super-difficult to find the right gift for. These animal-friendly gift ideas will help supply a little inspiration


These vegan Christmas gift ideas for a range of budgets will help you to give gifts that are meaningful and thoughtful – and may even create a little interesting dinner table or Christmas party conversation…

 For Your Secret Santa Draw

These Bee Bombs are little pods of magic that will delight in the spring. All the recipient needs to do is scatter them in the appropriate desired location in the winter, and voila! A barren space is transformed into bee-friendly meadow-like loveliness when the time comes.

Budget: £7.99 for one pack of native wildflower Beebombs to help ‘bring the bees back’; five packs for £29.99; or £49.99 for ten packs if you’re buying for a whole team.

For the Educator

Christmas gifts are part of a teacher’s or classroom assistant’s well-deserved unofficial income and these Booja Booja dairy-free chocolates and truffles communicate your wishes for their festive down-time very tastily.

Budget: Prices begin at £3.79 but increase to suit more flexible budgets.

For the Reluctant Gardener

Few things are more enchanting and astonishing than the sudden rapid growth of a mushroom, and these Grocycle Mushrooms grow-your-own mushrooms kits do not disappoint. Nothing seems to happen for the first few days, but then…the mushrooms appear to grow almost as you watch them. Each time you come back in the room, they’re bigger! A great gift for the gourmand, the fair-weather gardener or for anyone who finds fungi magical.

Budget: Price for one pack £17, then £15 for two or more packs.

 For the Hosts

Hosting is hard work, and if you’re the visitor this Christmas then you could do a lot worse than arrive with a bottle of Baileys Almande liqueur. This dairy-free festive tipple is sure to top the wish lists of vegan and non-vegan households alike. Look out for similar treats elsewhere, too. Retailers are cottoning onto the desire for decadent drinks that don’t involve dairy.

Budget: In the region if £16 when ‘on offer’ for 700ml from most supermarkets or online.

For That Special Someone

You can go wrong with perfume, but it’s a lot easier not to when you create the scent yourself! With Eden perfumes, you use their site’s search facility to find the vegan equivalent to popular brands. Eden describes the fragrances as ‘consciously crafted with respect to the planet and all living beings’. There are no synthetic preservatives, parabens or phthalates – only vegan, natural essential oils and scents.

Budget: £18 for perfumes, aftershaves and colognes (30ml, +£6 for 50ml, more for gift boxes; refills available).

Do you have fantastic vegan gift ideas you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them! If you’re looking for a little more vegan Christmas ideas then browse some of our blogs for news, recipes and other plant-based lifestyle inspiration.

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