Fundraising any amount of money can be daunting. But hiking 30km up a mountain in one day is a serious endurance challenge, and you’re doing it for a cause you feel passionate about. Many of your friends and family will want to support you.

Here are some practical tips for reaching your £200 fundraising target.


One of the easiest ways to fundraise is to start a JustGiving page. We have created a Vegan Hike Snowdon JustGiving campaign. Once there, click the orange ‘Start fundraising’ button and you’ll be able to fundraise alongside other Vegan Hike Snowdon participants towards a collective target. Once your page is set up you can share it on Facebook and Twitter, send it to friends and family or email it to colleagues.

You only need 20 people to sponsor you £10 each

If 20 people sponsor you £10 each you will reach your target! What could you offer them in return? Well, all Veganuary’s resources are totally free, so why not suggest they sign up and access all our tips, meal plans and recipes in exchange.

Why should they donate to Veganuary?

Veganuary has helped over 2 million people try vegan for one month, and around 83% of participants plan to make permanent changes to their diet after taking part. The impact of this has on our planet and for farmed animals is staggering.


Here are a few quirky fundraising ideas that have been successful in the past:

  • Local litter pick. Undertake a litter pick and ask the local community – shops, businesses, community leaders – to donate in return. Dress in fancy dress to draw extra attention to yourself.
  • Host a Welsh themed party. Invite your friends to a homemade meal of veganised Welsh food like Leek and Potato Soup, Welsh Rarebit, or Welsh Cakes. Make a playlist of Welsh music (Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Stereophonics etc). Write a fun quiz to test your friends’ Welsh geography or pronunciation of Welsh place names. Then ask each friend for a donation of £20.
  • Train on your stairs. Put on all the kit and practice hiking up and down the stairs at home. Don’t forget to take lots of photos to send to friends and family to show how much effort you’re putting in. Remember: the more ridiculous you look, the more people will want to donate!


It’s not affordable for everyone, but some people prefer to pay the £200 outright themselves rather than asking for donations from friends and family. You’re absolutely welcome to do this. Please contact [email protected] and we can discuss the best way to make payment.