Vegan Meal Ideas (India)

Interested in trying vegan but don’t know where to start? Many people feel overwhelmed by dietary changes, but it’s easier than you think! Try our vegan meal ideas to help you get started.

Vegan Indian meal
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Two tips that often help people transition to a plant-based diet are:

  1. Plan your meals ahead.
  2. Keep it simple. Wherever possible, make only small changes to the meals you normally eat to make them plant-based. Fortunately, many foods you eat already are accidentally vegan.

Vegan Meal Ideas


  • Toast with peanut butter & jam/fruit jelly/banana
  • Brown bread sandwich with cucumber, tomato, and onion
  • Bread upma with onion, tomato, and peanuts
  • Besan toast + ketchup/chutney
  • Potato sandwich + ketchup/chutney
  • Besan chila with onion, tomato, carrot, and capsicum + ketchup/chutney
  • Moong dal chilla/pessaratu dosa + ketchup/chutney
  • Idli + onion/tomato/coconut chutney
  • Dosa/uttapam + chutney/sambhar
  • Sooji upma with onion, peas, and carrot + chutney
  • Poha with onion, peas, carrot, potato, and peanuts
  • Stuffed paratha (with potato/cauliflower/radish/onion filling), cooked in a little oil + pickle
  • Overnight oats with seasonal fruits (banana, strawberry, dates, apple, mango, etc.)
  • Ragi/oats porridge made with plant milk of choice
  • Tofu scramble + toast/paratha
  • Breakfast cereal (corn flakes/wheat flakes/muesli) + plant milk + seasonal fruits
  • Black tea/coffee, green tea, or herbal tea/fresh fruit juice
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  • Rajma/chole/lentils of any kind + rice/rotis
  • Vegetable pulao + salad
  • Millets and vegetable pulao
  • Lemon rice/tamarind rice/coconut rice + dry potato subzi
  • Sindhi kadhi/tomato kadhi + rice
  • Vegetable sambhar + rice + papad
  • Side dish made with seasonal vegetables (bottle/bitter/ridge gourd, pumpkin, eggplant, okra, drumstick, peas, beans, cauliflower, mushroom, spinach, methi, etc.) + rice/rotis
  • Potato, sweet potato, yam, kachalu, and mitti aloo based dishes
  • Soya chaap/soya chunks in onion/tomato gravy + rice/rotis
  • Lentil dishes with wadian + rice/rotis
  • Moong dal khichdi with potato, peas, cauliflower, carrot, etc.
  • Masala dosa with spicy potato filling
  • Tofu based dishes like peas-tofu, spinach-tofu, tofu scramble, tofu kofta, etc.
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  • No-cheese homemade pizza with sundried tomato, capsicum, baby corn, mushroom, and olives
  • Salad with onion, tomato, cucumber, carrot, boiled potato, and roasted peanuts
  • Chickpea/black beans/sprouted moong salad with onion, tomato, and boiled potato
  • Pasta in tomato sauce
  • Macaroni with onion, mushroom, baby corn, and capsicum tossed with Indian spices
  • Noodles with stir-fried vegetables (cabbage, carrot, capsicum, mushroom, baby corn, etc.)
A plate of pasta and sauce
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  • Vegetable/dal pakore + ketchup/chutney
  • Moong dal/ black beans cutlets
  • Vegetable spring roll
  • Samosa with potato filling
  • Vegetable momos
  • Potato and soya keema cutlets
  • Raw jackfruit/raw banana cutlets
  • Vegetable chow mein
  • Homemade soups with seasonal vegetables (broccoli, mushroom, spinach, pumpkin, sweet potato, tomato, baby corn, etc.)
  • Vegetable thupka
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Masala vada
  • Potato bonda
  • Gol gappe/pani puri/puchka
  • Vegetable manchurian
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  • Petha
  • Jalebi (mostly vegan, enquire before buying)
  • Kaju katli (mostly vegan, enquire before buying)
  • Soan papdi (many local varieties are vegan; ask before buying)
  • Kheer/phirni prepared at home using plant milk
  • Homemade halwa varieties prepared with vegetable oil instead of ghee

Now you’re feeling inspired by delicious vegan meal ideas, why not check out our vegan food essentials guide to help you find them in the supermarket? You can also find out where to eat out as a vegan in India.

Thinking of trying vegan?

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