Vegan News Round-Up: April 21st 2017

The World Is Embracing Plant-based!

  • Let’s talk about milk

This week, we spotted a brilliant article on business magazine about the massive decline in dairy consumption, and the corresponding rise in plant milks.

It says that, in the US, milk consumption fell from 240 pounds per person in 2010 to 120 pounds per person in 2015, and now half of all Americans consume non-dairy milk. Lactose intolerance plays a big part but so does the shift towards a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly, kinder diet. Meanwhile, the non-dairy industry has expanded its sales by 250% in the past five years. Dairy companies can see which way the wind is blowing and are either producing their own vegan products (like Elmhurst, which has abandoned all dairy products), or are buying up plant-based companies (like Danone, which has bought WhiteWave Foods).

Cows at an Australian Dairy Farm taken by Jo-Anne McArthur
Australian Dairy Farm – Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

The article also looks at health and cites an epidemiological study that found that women who have one or more full-fat serving of dairy each day have a 49 percent increased risk of dying of breast cancer. Viva la plant milks!

The whole article is well worth a read.

  • New vegan restaurants!

There are a heap of new vegan restaurants cropping up, including J Selby’s in Minnesota serving fresh pretzels, buffalo wings, a range of burgers, chili, subs, noodle bowls and cakes.

In Honolulu, head to Vegan Hills, for a host of delicious bowl meals including Red Hot Chili and Singapore-Style dahl and rice, as well as soups and salads. In Georgia, check out the Natural Selections Café on Bull Street which serves vegan soul food, including Veganuary favourite, mac and cheese, Crabby Cakes, Not Chicken Salad and cinnamon roll cheesecake. And coming soon to Milwaukee, On the Bus – a 1971 VW bus – will soon be serving veggie burgers, kale chips, sandwiches and vegan ice cream!

In Canada, visit The Juice Truck in Vancouver for smoothies, bowls, salads and all the sweet treats you could want. While in the UK, the Vood Bar in Penzance, an adorable truck selling jackfruit burgers, sushi rolls and satay skewers, sets up each day on the prom. Also in the UK, the Bagel Factory which has stalls at several train stations, is now selling vegan cream cheese, and teamed with avocado, tomatoes and black olives. Delicious.

  • In Celebrity News …

American Actress Ruby Rose has urged her fans to stop eating animals for the sake of the environment. Ruby’s Twitter feed, where she is followed by 1.3 million people, is full of people saying ‘You turned me vegan’. We love that gal!

Australian actress, Teresa Palmer, has also become vegan along with her family on the basis of a suggestion made by her nine year-old step-son.

Singer JoJo has embraced plant-based eating. While admitting she is not a ‘perfect vegan’, she has told the world that she feels all the better for eating plant-based foods. ‘After reading Russell Simmons’ Happy Vegan,’ she says ‘I feel like it’s the choice for me.

And finally, what about Serena Williams? The tennis superstar who eats a mostly raw vegan diet who won the Australian Open Grand Slam without dropping a set whilst pregnant! That’s what we call vegan power.

Have a great weekend!

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