Vegan News Round-Up: March 31st 2017

Food, Football and the Cruelty of Milk

  • There are many reasons to be happy this week, starting with Ben & Jerry’s who have just released three new flavours of vegan ice cream that look AMAZING. Cherry Garcia, Caramel Almond Brittle and Coconut Seven Layer Bar take their total vegan offering to seven flavours. They’re available in the US and Canada, and coming to Britain soon but if you can’t wait, why not drown your sorrows with Bailey’s Almande Irish Cream. The liqueur was first created last year but for some bizarre reason contained beeswax. Now it’s 100% vegan, so go right ahead and drink it, pour it on ice cream, bathe in it.
  • And the good news keeps coming: on 4th April Pret a Manger is opening its second London Veggie Pret on Great Eastern Road in Shoreditch! Their first meat-free restaurant in Broadwick Street started out as an experimental pop up, which was intended to open for just one month but it proved such a hit it was made a permanent fixture. Where will it all end? Since CEO Clive Schlee wrote that a lot of Pret staff wanted their shops to go veggie, too, we’d bet good money that this will not be the last. And it’s not just the UK that’s getting great vegan foods at Pret. In Hong Kong, a recent promotion of its veggie range led to three consecutive weeks of record sales and if you’re in the US, hold tight because a new veggie range will be in all Pret shops there by the end of April.
Defoe & Orr celebrate by Amil Delic. (Creative Commons Licence)
  • But star of the week has got to be The Fields Beneath, the Kentish Town café (London) that quietly moved from serving meat, eggs and dairy to being 100% vegan. Its owner, Gavin Fernbank read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book, Eating Animals, then watched Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy before finally seeing Dairy is Scary, and knowing for sure that he had to change. If you find yourself passing the cafe do pop in, but if you’re a little further north, head instead to Ice Shack in Withington, Manchester. After ten years in business, this café is also transitioning to 100% vegan. From April 4th, it will be selling a range of ice creams and sorbets, milkshakes, truffles and around 10 different cakes. We can’t wait!
  • Love football? Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe has gone vegan and credits his dietary change to his continued excellence at the top of his game. ‘I don’t find anything hard to give up’ he said ‘because I know the feeling that scoring goals gives me.’ Jermain joins a long line of top class athletes who are ditching animal products, including David Haye, David Carter and Novak Djokovic.
  • And if ever we needed a reminder of why we choose vegan, it came to us this week from our friends at Animal Equality who filmed at a dairy farm in Dorset (UK). There, hundreds of young calves had lived in tiny hutches in solitary pens for months on end. The farm supplies high-end supermarket chain Marks & Spencer showing yet again that it doesn’t matter where it comes from, dairy is the product of suffering.
Image credit: Animal Equality

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