Vegan News Round-Up: May 5th 2017

It’s A Big News Week!

Radio 5 Live
  • Veganuary’s Clea Grady was given her own hour on UK national radio this week to explain what veganism is all about, and why we should all give it a go! The presenters chucked a few tricky questions at her, but Clea really knows her onions, and was supported by the callers, all of whom were vegan men. The radio station reported it couldn’t find any non-vegans who wanted to come on! If you missed the piece, you can hear it here.
  • The fall and fall of meat-eating continues this week with an article in the UK national press stating that one fifth of British families have reduced their meat consumption.
  • In the US, Cargill, a major beef producer, has sold off the last of its feedlots and intends to redirect its investment into plant proteins. It’s not ended its association with the livestock industry but this is a massive step, and a clear indicator that the multinationals are listening.
  • And more great news just in! Anita Krajnc from Toronto Pig Save who was arrested for giving water to thirsty animals on their way to slaughter has had all charges dismissed. Her compassion and courage has shone a light on the heartlessness of the animal farming industry and is a reminder that each of us can play our part in ending their suffering. Thank you Anita.
Guinness - newly vegan!

– If you’re in Nottingham (UK) this week, visit Viva!’s amazing vegan festival.

– In Manchester? Check out Chorlton’s vegan beer festival on May 6th.

– Visit the Aberdeen Vegan Festival on May 28th.

– And Ontario Vegfest on June 9th.

– And wherever you are in the UK, The Vegan Festival of Britain has something happening in your neighbourhood. This extravaganza, organised by Animal Aid, runs from May 20th to June 10th, so get involved!

Vegan Festival of Britain 2017 logo
  • We’ve heard of a couple of new vegan eateries this week! 
Signature Dishes - Aviv
Signature Dishes – Aviv

– Try Israeli vegan food at Aviv in Portland, USA.

– And in the UK, look out for the Vegan Food Pod, which sells some of the best baked goods in the north west. Or possibly anywhere.

  • If you’re in India, a new quarterly vegan magazine called VegPlanet has just been launched and it looks pretty good!
  • And finally … here’s a lovely piece again in the UK national press about the Top Ten Cities for Vegan Travellers.

Have a great weekend folks! 🙂

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