Vegan Options at London’s Train Stations

Waiting for your train to arrive and feeling peckish? There are lots of vegan options at the various food outlets in London’s rail stations. You really needn’t go hungry or pack a lunchbox! These are just a few of our favourites but you will find so much more!

Here’s are some of the best places for vegans at London’s rail stations

London stations have offer great choice for vegans now! Every sandwich shop and sit-down restaurant offers a great selection, but here are just a few of our favourites to what your appetite.


  • Jackfruit Curry
  • Up-Beet Burger
  • Super Freekah Salad
  • Vegan Brunch
  • Steamed or Fried Gyozas
  • Vegan Katsu Curry
  • Nachos
  • Sweet Potato Fries


  • Love Burger
  • Coconut Jackfruit and Lime Curry
  • Brazilian Black Bean Lunchbox
  • Vegan Cheezy Jack Bites
  • Baked Fries

Wasabi Sushi & Bento

  • Yasai Platter
  • Avocado Hosomaki
  • Spicy Yasai Roll
  • Tofu Nigiri
  • Tofu Roll
  • Yasai Roll Set
  • Pumpkin Katsu Curry
  • Tofu Curry Bento


  • Humous and Falafel Mezze
  • Chipotle Sweet Potato Salad Bowl
  • Falafel and Humous Rice Bowl
  • Avo, Olives and Toms Baguette
  • Falafel, Avo and Chipotle Flatbread
  • Red Thai Veg Soup
  • Mushroom Risotto Soup
  • Butternut and Lentil Dhal Soup
  • Dark Chocolate and Almond Butter Cookie

Caffe Nero

  • Vegetable Sausage Roll
  • Mushroom, Tomato and Potato Rosti Ciabatta
  • Supergreen Salad
  • Sweetcorn Fritter with Chutney & Coleslaw Flatbread
  • Sundried Tomato and Pesto Tostati
  • Vegan Meatball Panini
  • Vegan Raspberry Croissant
  • Raspberry & Coconut Slice

West Cornwall Pasty Company

  • Thai Green Vegetable Curry Pasty
  • Wheatmeal Vegetable Pasty
  • Spicy Chickpea Roll

Marks & Spencer Simply Food / Food To Go

  • Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous Salad
  • Rice, Lentil and Roasted Aubergine Salad
  • Mexican Rice, Quinoa and Avocado Salad
  • Orzo Pasta and Sundried Tomato Salad
  • Super Wholefood Salad with Basil and Mint Vinaigrette
  • Giant Couscous & Wheatberries with Roasted Butternut Squash
  • Three Bean Salad
  • Vegetable Samosa
  • Fresh Fruit Boxes and Salad Bowls – Various
  • Fresh Whole Fruit – Bananas, Apples, Oranges
  • Crisps, Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit Snack Packs
  • Veggie Jelly Sweets – Various (labelled vegan)
  • Fresh Fruit Smoothies – Various

Little Waitrose

  • Good To Go Sweet potato, Bulgar and Couscous Salad
  • Good To Go Vegetable samosa
  • LoveLife Roasted Vegetable and Couscous Salad
  • Taiko Veggie Vegetable Sushi
  • Fresh Hummus Dip
  • Bakery: A selection of Fresh and Pre-packaged Breads
  • A selection of Snack Bars, Nut/Seed/Dried Fruit Packs
  • Chia Pod
  • Fresh Fruit Salads and Veg Sticks


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