Veganuary gets Nākd

Image Credit: Nakd

We are Nakd, Britain’s fastest growing wholefood snack bar brand, and we are delighted to announce that we will be Veganuary’s lead supporters in 2015.

We’re excited to help spread the many benefits that eating a plant based wholefood diet can have and to encourage more people across the world to eat more wholefoods – more often!

Why Veganuary?

By replacing over-processed foods with nourishing wholefoods you will look better, feel better and help the world. We believe a wholefood revolution is on the way and that, within a generation, junk food as we know it now will be outsold by natural, wholefood alternatives. Sign up to Veganuary today to join the revolution and be part of the change!

Why Nakd?

Nakd bars are wholefood bars made simply from fruits, nuts and a hint of natural flavours, smooshed together to make the most delicious, nutritious and healthy snacks imaginable. Naturally, Nakd bars are vegan, contain no wheat, gluten or dairy and are free from added sugar, syrups and mysterious additives.

Nature is nice.

Thinking of trying vegan?

Veganuary inspires and supports people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have already taken part. Will you join them?