Veganuary Team Top Picks: Cruelty Free Cosmetic & Beauty Brands

Tried-and-tested cosmetic and beauty brands that make us look and feel great, vegan style…

The number of vegan beauty and well-being products is ever-growing. Here, members of the Veganuary team share their top choices, and the reasons why we think you might like them, too.


Credit: Emily Cowlishaw

“Tisserand is an aromatherapy company which specialises in making bath and skincare products – using blends of essential oils and other great skin-loving ingredients.

There’s nothing I love more than a relaxing bath, especially one that smells amazing! My favourite bath product is their Sleep Better bath salts, which are made with lavender, sandalwood and jasmine.

The Tisserand aromatherapy range proudly wears the vegan stamp by the Vegan Society, and all of the range is cruelty-free, which means I don’t have to research which products I can use, as their vegan logo lets me know straight away!”

 Emily Cowlishaw, Supporter Care Officer



“When you’ve got acne-prone skin, finding a makeup brand with a fuller coverage, but without smothering sensitive and ever-so-clog-prone pores in oils and chemicals, is not easy. It took a lot of trial and error (mostly error) of dabbing, brushing and smearing before I discovered the incredible organic brand that is Inika.

 Inika is 100% cruelty-free and is registered with the Vegan Society Trademark, meaning their entire brand is completely ethical and gets a huge vegan tick! Inika also use over 70% organic plant extracts in each one of their products.

 Another reason to love Inika is the great array of products for each skin type and tone. From light and porcelain to deeper chocolate, there is a product to match your skin perfectly.

 Safe to say, I am in love with Inika. I use their Liquid Foundation, and build the coverage with the Loose Mineral Foundation. 

Charlotte Willis, Freelance Writer and Social Media Marketer


Credit: LUSH Fresh Homemade Cosmetics

“After being a bit dubious about the overpowering smell in the LUSH shops, I finally got my first couple of products and fell in love!

I found that despite the premium pricing, some products are actually very good value for money. For example, my favourite product, Handy Gurugu hand moisturiser will last you for ages – while other seemingly cheaper brands in plastic will only serve you for a couple of weeks max. It’s also lovely to use and super quick to absorb.

Everything comes in recyclable packaging which you can send back to LUSH to be recycled and get a free face mask!

Not everything in LUSH is vegan and I didn’t like everything first time round – my advice would be to slowly explore the range starting with the products you need most.”

Sofia Balderson, International Partnerships Co-ordinator


Credit: The Original Beard Co.

“Here’s one for the vegan men out there…

The Original Beard Co. make vegan beard-care products with 100% natural ingredients, including beard balms, oils, shampoos, soaps, and combs/brushes. All their products are completely cruelty-free and the packing is responsibly sourced and recyclable.

I first came across The Original Beard Co. when I was looking for a present for a bearded suitor at VegFest UK last year. They were very patient with me when I approached them with no prior beard knowledge, explaining what the different products do and recommending what would make a good present for this particular individual.  I came away with a gift box that included a shampoo and balm, which both he and I were happy with!

The Original Beard Co. products are perfect for making beards look good and smell fresh, whilst being totally cruelty-friendly to animals, the planet, and beard-lovers everywhere.”

Helen Marvell, Corporate Marketing Assistant

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