Violife – Making Switching to Dairy Free Cheese Almost Too Easy!

As TV adverts for Violife Cheeses air across the UK, there’s truly never been an easier time to give veganism a try with Veganuary!

It’s one of the most frequent comments we receive at Veganuary HQ: “oh I would go vegan, but I just can’t go without cheese!” Cheese and cheese-related addictions are a primary reason for many an omnivore to continue in their dairy-rich diets, just ask Veganuary ambassador Jasmine Harman! But all these cheese-related excuses might well become null and void, all thanks to Violife, the leading plant-based alternative to cheese, and their exciting new TV adverts which have aired across mainstream UK TV mid-January 2019!

The creative videos from Violife depict two characters, James and Anna, using the Violife cheeses for the first time with great success (so much so that they both believe they have acquired super-human skills!). The adverts are a humorous way of breaking down barriers between the general public and the seemingly alien world of vegan cheeses, helping viewers realise that trying vegan is as simple as swapping a few ingredients in your daily eats! The videos conclude with the campaign’s apt strapline “maybe we’ve made dairy-free too easy?”

Making Dairy-Free Simpler & Accessible to All

The two unique and eye-catching adverts from Violife were crafted by marketing company VCCP, who wanted to highlight how enjoyable and simple making a switch to a vegan cheese can be. The key to the advert’s success is reflecting the great culinary versatility of Violife. After all, Violife is a great all-round cheese-substitute brand for vegans, as it has the ability to melt, cook, grate and slice just as dairy-based cheese would, which makes the process of transitioning from cheese-obsessive to…urm…vegan cheese-obsessive, as simple and effortless as possible! Caroline Rawlings, Creative Director at VCCP adds:

“The beauty of Violife is that it offers a way for the non almond-blending, avocado-crushing folk amongst us to go dairy free once in a while.”

 We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for the team at Violife – another wonderful brand making the transition into veganism easier!

Now that you can have your dairy-free cheese (and eat it too!) how about signing up for our 31 day Vegan pledge!?

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