Waitrose Commits To Vegan Labelling on Own-Brand Products

Waitrose is the latest supermarket to join Iceland, Tesco and Sainsbury’s in providing clear vegan labelling

Waitrose recently added a dedicated vegan section to its chilled food isle (image credit: Aaron Calder Vegan,@Aaronvegan via Instagram)

The news follows a huge surge in vegan labelling across multiple UK supermarkets such as Iceland, driven by consumer demand and Animal Aid’s informative #MarkItVegan campaign. Supermarket chains are taking progressive steps forward in marking their own-brand products with clear labelling, making them easier to identify for hungry plant-based consumers and the vegan-curious alike. Talking about the influential campaign, Animal Aid describes how companies can easily adopt clear-cut vegan labelling:

“This can be as simple as printing the words ‘suitable for vegans’ on the product packaging, or adopting a clear symbol to show that the item contains no animal-derived ingredients. We are calling for this change to be adopted within the next 12 months, to give companies enough time to review packaging and make the necessary alterations.”

As with other supermarkets, the new labelling guidelines will stipulate that only items which do not contain any traces of animal products such as milk/eggs/dairy will be marked as vegan. This omits the labelling of seemingly vegan items which ‘may contain traces of…’, but we are welcoming the change in mindset all the same!

Clearer labelling of items not only benefits consumers, but will undoubtedly lead to a marked increase in sales for Waitrose, as it grabs a handful of the ever expanding shares in the vegan and vegetarian food market – supermarkets have noted an increased demand for free-from foods over the past year, with trends set to continue into the future.

Waitrose gets Vegan Savvy

As well as labelling products clearly, Waitrose also offers a range of vegan recipes on its website such as these vegan enchiladas. Image Credit: Waitrose

Despite being one of the last supermarkets to show support for a total dedication to vegan labelling, Waitrose has certainly upped its plant-based game when it comes to other areas of vegan food. For example, an introduction of a dedicated vegan section in its supermarkets saw over 50 new vegan items and branded products introduced to shelves this summer, whilst the Waitrose website offers 54 healthy vegan recipes for you to try out at home. The supermarket chain also continues to develop more diverse vegan options in its own-brand range, such as the new cheddar-style ploughman’s sandwich and a delicious vegan chocolate torte slice.  A complete list of Waitrose’s vegan products can be found on its dedicated website page.

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