Welsh Student Asks For More Vegan Options in Schools

Welsh Student Joins Vegan Society in Asking for Vegan Options in Schools

‘All they offer is chips and beans’ according to Lydia Lansberry

The 12 year-old school pupil from Croesyceiliog School, Cwmbran went vegan with her Mum when they found out about the cruel treatment of cows on dairy farms in the UK. So, she is supporting the Vegan Society’s campaign for vegan option school meals.

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According to a Wales Online article, Lydia said:

I used to eat a lot of cheese and now I eat more pulses. One of the things I have noticed about giving up dairy us that I used to have smelly breath and now I don’t. I’m not into tea and coffee but a lot of places have soya milk options if you do. I also think vegan chocolate is nicer. There is a delicious vegan chocolate with chestnuts.

You are not out on a limb any more as a vegan . There are a lot of choices. Perhaps schools have not clicked with it?

It’s a good thing the Vegan Society has raised this issue. I don’t think I am missing out on anything being a vegan but I would like to have vegan choices in school.

The Vegan Society wants the Welsh Government to offer more vegan food in Welsh public canteens, to accommodate the growing number of people who are eating more plant-based.

Dominika Piasecka, a spokeswoman for the Vegan Society, said in a BBC article: “By public sector canteens we mean places like hospitals, schools, prisons, universities, workplaces etc. Basically anywhere where you go not out of choice but because you have to eat. “If there is no vegan option in places like that, it’s a problem as there isn’t always a good alternative.”

We would recommend all parents of vegan children to speak with Head Teachers and encourage them to consider adding more vegan options in their school.

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