What Does A Vegan GB Athlete Eat?

Lisa Gawthorne, duathlon competitor, shares what works for her

In the run up to any of the big competitions, the first thing I try to make sure is on point is daily hydration as that’s really important to keep the mind clear and the body happy. I am not great with water so I tend to drop some BCAA powder in there for flavour every now and again and I also drink a lot of herbal tea products, both hot and cold varieties. I also love vanilla rooibos tea and drink that by the pint!

With carbohydrates I opt for a lot of the slow release sources – brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes etc and more often than not I have these at lunch and dinner alongside a further mix of vegetables and proteins. Veggie wise I like to keep it fairly green – broccoli, green beans and sugar snap peas are pretty much guaranteed to be on my dinner plate daily and I tend to alternate a day on veggies with a day on salad as the accompaniment to protein. Salad wise I go for bean sprouts, kale, spinach, tomatoes, beetroot and avocado and then I add protein to that.

On the subject of protein, I like to mix up the options and my current favourites are marinated tofu, seaweed sausages, seitan slices, mixed beans and tempeh rolls most of which (minus the sausages) can actually also be eaten cold or fried in something like coconut or olive oil. Olive oil along with flax seed, chia seeds, cashews, and avocados make up my healthy fats intake too.

I tend to use ingredients from scratch but if I am struggling for time or travelling on business, I always make sure I have good back ups or good convenience style foods that fit my macros with a balance of carbs to protein and fats. Examples of these would be soups, stews, curry dishes and cassoulets.

Snacks I eat during the day tend to be either rice cakes or apples and peanut butter, banana on brown toast, soy yoghurt and mixed seeds or a protein bar /shake. I am quite partial to a few biscuits too and whilst the majority of what I talk about here is very green and clean, I aim to eat fairly clean but I do have a soft spot for vegan cakes and crisps especially after smashing a race! ?

Lisa Gawthorne vegan athlete
Image Credit: Lisa Gawthorne

You can follow Lisa’s journey to Fyn (Denmark) for The Multisport World Championships on 8th July where she will be competing for her age group in the GB Sprint Duathlon Team on:

Instagram lisa_gawthorne

Twitter @Gonein60minutes (The title of Lisa’s vegan fitness book)

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Image Credit: Lisa Gawthorne

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