Win these fantastic cookbooks in our Cook, Snap & Win! contest

Our social media competition – Cook, Snap & Win! – runs until January 31st 2016, and is open to everyone taking part in Veganuary.

And it’s really simple to enter!

  • Choose any Veganuary recipe
  • Cook it
  • Take a photo of it ‘Snap!’
  • Upload to Instagram, tag @WeAreVeganuary and add the hashtag #CookSnapWin

Two of the prizes include the wonderful cookbooks Cookin’ up A Storm and Living the Farm Sanctuary Life

These are being supplied by our lovely friends at Unicorn Goods. Check out their review of the books:

This duo of literary cookbooks is manna from heaven for those who never thought they had the motivation to be vegan. Let the mission-driven people behind the Sea Shepherd and Farm Sanctuary melt your excuses away. You’ll be vegan in no time. We choose these cookbooks out of the dozens of our favorites because they’re the most fun to read, and the easiest to use. We hope you love them as much as we do. They make great gifts, too!

Sea shepherd

Cookin’ up A Storm is centered around the founder, chef, and crew of the Sea Shepherd, a fleet of anti-whaling ships. Living the Farm Sanctuary Life is told by the founder of Farm Sanctuary, a retirement sanctuary for rescued animals from factory farms. Either would be equally suited as either an entré for a newbie vegan’s growing arsenal of cookbooks, or an addition to a seasoned veteran vegan’s collection.

Crew members aboard the Sea Shepherd risk their lives to save endangered marine life of the world’s oceans. Cookin’ Up A Storm features these ocean warriors favorite plant-based recipes while at sea. This cookbook includes easy, everyday recipes that are used to feed a crew of 50, 3 times a day for 100 days. The crew and chef eat a 100% vegan diet. They’ve found easy and nourishing vegan meals and put them together here for you. Alongside the crew’s favorite plant-based recipes are their captivating stories of stalking whaling vessels. If they can eat vegan, so can you.

The pages of Cookin’ Up A Storm are filled with stories of perseverance, bravery and resilience. Crew members risk their lives everyday to save the death of our oceans. Their inspiring stories are intertwined with the recipes that fuel them. The recipes cover a wide spread of necessities, ranging from Radical French Toast to Chickpea Noodle Soup for the Vegan Soul. Cookin’ Up A Storm proves that one does not have to give up their favorite dishes to go vegan.Simple ingredients combined in a masterful way will make any skeptic convert.

Farm san book

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life is an educational cookbook in two parts. The first part is written by the founder of the eponymous Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur, and outlines the organization’s philosophy, story, and mission. The reader is taken on the author’s personal journey from being an actor in McDonald’s and KFC commercials to being hailed as “the conscience of the food movement.” Gene Stone follows up with a robust collection of accessible vegan recipes the second half as author of such educational cookbooks as the New York Times bestseller Forks Over Knives, The Engine 2 Diet and My Beef with Meat. Both parts come together in this beautifully published book, sprinkled with full color photo spreads of farm animals and thoughtful quotes by global leaders.

Perusing the glossy pages feels like joining a warm, safe community filled with sunshine and smart people. Each recipe is contributed and forwarded by vegan demi gods: restaurant owners, authors, advocates, activists, and spokespeople. This is a great gift for someone who is new to veganism or perhaps even hostile to the idea. What can be more disarming than a dozen vignette stories of rescued farm animals and their friendships?

For both of these books, recipes range from fancy-schmancy to everyday fare, with something for everyone on each page, making it easy to take action. As Farm Sanctuary’s values say, “We engage people where they are on their journey to a cruelty-free lifestyle.”

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