Working Together to Change Hearts and Minds (Part 2 of 4)

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One Billion Rising 2015

Continued from Part 1…

United in our Mission.

Firstly, you may be thinking, why is ‘connecting the dots’ so important?

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t be continuing with what we are currently doing, educating on a particular issue which we have good knowledge of or can relate to most. But what I am saying is that we can also be helping to educate one another within movements on other issues, offering each other support at events across the movements and presenting people we hope to reach with a consistent message, opening our own minds even further.

We must take into our own hands as much as we are able to and speak up for what we want our society to be. This must start with each and every one of us living out our message in line with the words that we speak.

By communicating with one another we can create a stronger community of people who ultimately all wish to achieve a more just society.

Now call me naive, but I do believe this to be possible! In fact, I already see glimmers of this happening when I hear other activists talking about the importance of making connections, or even just when I give my viewpoint on matters and the other person listens and then gives their viewpoint in exchange, respectably. It’s definitely achievable, if we want it to be.

We All Matter.

We need to strike at the root of the cause of injustice, speaking up for what we want our society to be. This must start with each and every one of us living out our message in line with the words that we speak.

Sometimes it’s the small things which we feel may be insignificant or boring that in the long term have the greatest impacts.

A simple change to our individual lifestyle and attitude towards another can plant a seed within so many of those who cross our path. We need to lead by example and these personal lifestyle changes are where we need to start. Each individual change contributes to the greater picture so never think that your contribution doesn’t count.

Each and every change, no matter how small it may be, links with another to create something far greater!

Part 3 of this  series will discuss our outreach efforts and offer you some tips on how to connect the dots within your activism!

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